Essay on How I Spent Lockdown Days

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Essay on My Lockdown Diaries (Learning Webex)

As all of you know, due to Covid-19 Pandemic, we all are quarantined inside our houses. Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendar Modi announced a complete lockdown on 21st March 2020. My exams for class 6th were over. I had nothing to do at that time. Soon I was fed up with playing online and offline games. Although I am passionate about Astronomy, one needs to break the monotony. One day my father informed me about virtual classrooms and free online courses by various academies.

Soon my laptop screen pulled me and I enrolled myself in an online videography course. As soon as the lecture started I was startled at what I saw at the screen. The lecturer’s computer screen was visible to me. I said to myself, “How did she manage to do it?” There was chaos in my mind. Knowing about that technique was on my priority list in lockdown. I wanted to utilise my lockdown period in the best possible way.

Finally after a lot of search I got to know that it was called ‘Screen Sharing’. This was an amazing platform available to teach online. For some days I was hooked to exploring this new discovery of mine. Soon, I scrolled through all the features displayed there. I felt proud on my achievement. But the story has not ended here. Keep reading for the real twist.

My mother is a teacher and her school authorities decided to start virtual classes so that the learning of the students doesn’t come to a halt. Her School found a software called “Cisco WebEx Meetings” to conduct classes.

How do teenagers live in lockdown– (Teaching Technology to Teachers)

This is where I do appear again. The Chairperson, Dr Sonia Jindal, scheduled a meeting at 23:00 and invited my mom to join. As my mom was not familiar with the concept of online meetings. She was confused. But, I came to her rescue by explaining the nitty-gritty of the application that I had learned only a few days back. I even told my mom some features about the app that even Sonia ma’am didn’t know. All the people were asking my mom about how to use the app.

When all the teachers learned to use the app in about 10 days, regular meetings between teachers and classes for students were conducted. During the meeting of the teachers, my mom used to suggest the features that I had already simplified to her. Now, the teachers were ready to tackle the issues that might occur during the classes.

I also helped my mom in preparing online exams for the students and conducting them. In one of the meetings, Sonia ma’am appreciated me in front of all the teachers of the school. Everyone was grateful to me and I also thanked them for their admiration and blessings.

Lines on How I spent Lockdown Days

  1. I played Ludo game online.
  2. I helped my mother in household work.
  3. My elder sister helped me in making lemonade.
  4. I learnt to play chess with my grandfather.
  5. I taught basic English to my 6 years old cousin.
  6. Chess is a wonderful mind game that I learnt from my father who was available at home during lockdown.
  7. Internet gave me an opportunity to discover how to make a video and upload on youtube.
  8. I oil massaged my body once in a week because my mother explained to me the benefits of oiling.
  9. Due to Lockdown we could eat our food together.
  10. Lockdown gave us a lot of free time which I enjoyed and utilised in a good way.

Effect of Lockdown on Environment Essay

I hope you found my story and experience in lockdown interesting. You can share your story here to let people know what students are doing during lockdown.

Author: I am Nalin Goel, a student of class 7th. I score good marks in all the subjects but Astronomy is my favourite. My attitude towards life is learning from my mistakes and everyone around me. I am inspired by Astronomer Galileo Galilei and want to become an astronomer. My biggest achievement was when I got AIR in space Heliodyessy and won a fully sponsored trip to OMAN.

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