Write 15 Lines about Noida Twin Towers Demolition

Write 15-20 lines about Noida Twin Towers Demolition in 250 words. Write an essay on Twin Towers

Noida Twin Tower Demolition Facts

  1. It is the most extensive demolition of a structure in India so far through the implosion technique.
  2. The towers were almost 102 meters in height and taller than the iconic Qutub Minar.
  3. These were illegally built by a private builder Supertech.
  4. The Twin Towers were built in a multi-storey Housing Society called Emerald Court.
  5. This project started in 2004 – 2005.
  6. Initially, it was shown as a project of 14 buildings, having 9 floors each.
  7. Later on, changes were made to the plan many times.
  8. In March 2012, two buildings of 40 floors each were finalised and named Ceyane and Apex.
  9. The nearby residents raised their voices to Noida Authority to cancel the construction but in vain.
  10. Then, the residents appealed to Allahabad High Court to seek the towers’ demolition.
  11. In April 2014 the high court ordered the demolition of the Noida Twin Towers.
  12. Supertech challenged the high court’s verdict in the Supreme Court of India.
  13. After many hearings, the Supreme Court ordered the demolition in 2021 calling it an illegal construction.
  14. Finally, Noida Twin Towers were demolished by Edifice Engineering, a Mumbai-based firm on 28 August 2022 at 2:30 p.m. 
  15. The nearby residents were elated at the victory of truth over the towers of lies and clapped as the buildings collapsed.
    5 Extra Lines –
  16. This demolition cost around 17 crore rupees and approximately 3700 kg of explosives was used to demolish the twin towers.
  17. At Noida’s sector 93A, a mountain of rubble (approx. 80000 tonnes) stood up after the towers collapsed.
  18. Many officials were found to be responsible for this illegal construction and have been suspended.
  19. The Supreme Court of India has given a historic verdict that will put a check on the construction mafia.
  20. The victory of truth boosts the confidence of the citizens of a country.

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