Women Empowerment Essay | Changing Role of Women in India

Today, we talk about gender equality. We have moved forward leaving behind the typical prejudices and Orthodoxes against women in the world. The role of females is changing. This women empowerment essay would let us know how the ladies have moved on from a homemaker to corporate managers.

Women Empowerment Essay | Changing Role of Women in India

A woman is a complete circle in herself. Within her lies the power to create and transform a new life. It is high time that women’s rights are recognised. New-age women entrepreneurs are all set to become change-makers. The transition from her traditional status to the current scenario is applaudable.

Traditionally, women’s role was confined to childbearing and housekeeping. Men reserved the money-earning part for themselves. In this way, men earned the title of bread earner for the family. Ladies were treated as non-productive and a burden on the family because household chores do not add to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of any nation.

Indian women can be studied under two categories. Let’s consider first the group that belongs to the richer section of the society. The ladies of this category are well educated and have got some respect in their family at least for the sake of society. The real decision-making powers are the sole property of men. Women of the house have to follow the traditional obligations. Very few men can accept their wife’s superiority both inside and outside the home.

The second group covers the ladies living in slum areas. For example wage earners, home maids and sweepers. Most of them are either illiterate or very less educated.

We tend to believe that the ladies working outside their house are well aware of their basic rights. In fact, they face many problems regarding working hours, comfortable work environment, sexual harassment, maternity issues, child care etc. On the other hand, the second category of ladies is exploited by their husbands at home and by male colleagues at work.

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Indian government understands the plight of women. Our government has come up with various reforms in laws related to women. As a result, we have seen an increase in the number of women professionals in private as well as public organizations.

The government has come up with the establishment of crutches, Day Care Center and similar support systems which are empowering women to face new challenges.

Amendments to the Maternity Benefit Act and Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act have added to the powers of working women. Similarly, the Factories act and the shops and establishments act confirms that the women workers at industries are not teased or exploited by their male counterparts.

It is heartening to see how women today have progressed in every field- they are throned on high political levels, running banks, IT companies, hotel chains and the list goes on.

Women symbolise power and resistance. She has transformed herself from meal maker to deal maker and from bread maker to bread earner. We can see today’s women are not working just out of financial obligation. Rather, they want to show their true potential to the world. They improve their financial and social status by their own income. The success of one woman motivates thousands of others.

Maintaining a balance between home and office is not a cakewalk. But, women have proved to the world that everything is achievable with determination, courage, confidence and high willpower.

In India almost 49% of the population is females. How can a country progress leaving behind its half of the workforce bound behind the walls of the home? The status of women of a country depicts the level of development in that country. After decades it is clearly visible that women are empowered because they have started living on their own terms.

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Women Empowerment Essay Word-Meaning

EvidentClear, Proved
ApplaudableTo appreciate
ConfinedRestricted to certain things
Colleaguespeople working with you in the same office
Exploitedtake unfair benefit from somebody
Decadea period of ten years

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