A Motivational Poem about Womanhood | Sarthak Gupta

Women are often the unsung heroes of society, juggling multiple roles and overcoming numerous obstacles. They are strong, resilient, and powerful, yet often face discrimination and inequality. In this motivational poem on womanhood, we celebrate the strength and courage of women, highlighting the importance of empowerment, self-love, and unity. Through powerful words and poignant imagery, this poem encourages women to embrace their uniqueness, fight for their rights, and stand up against injustice. We hope that this poem inspires and uplifts women everywhere, reminding them of their worth and potential.

Womanhood, oh darling | Women’s Day Poem

When did I lose her?
Or did she run away?
She was here, I swear
A second ago,
Or has it been centuries?

Oh darling, oh womanhood
Somewhere along the lines
I think I lost sight
Now my hand feels empty
And so does my heart

I had promised to shield you
From this beastly world
And show to it
The light you adorned
But look at us now

When did I get so misguided
My battle with injustice,
When did it take this course
Corruption of this vile world
Made me look like the enemy

I shall rise again
But to bring them to the light
My men weren’t to be fought
Or to be disguised as.
Selfish world lied to us both.

Oh darling, oh womanhood
If you think I have what it takes
Then give me another chance
Hold my hand again.
Only with you, am I whole.

सार्थक की हिंदी कविता चक्र

This poem is written by Sarthak Gupta. His words hold hidden meanings, and despite being busy studying BAMS, he is passionate about expressing his emotions through poetry. He has a special connection with nature and animals, and his life is characterized by simplicity and straightforwardness. Despite his young age, he writes about serious topics. We invite you to share your thoughts on this poem in the comment box below

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