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Did you notice the fact or opinion question in CBSE 2020-2021 English sample paper? Yes, you guessed it right. Under the Literature part 3rd question that contained black and white images of 4 people discussing something, is termed as Class 10 Fact versus Opinion question. This type of question was to be asked for the first time in the CBSE class 10 exam, 2020-21. Unfortunately, CBSE could not hold final exams for 2020-2021 due to the covid pandemic.

But, CBSE has continued this pattern of questions for the 2021-22 exams. So, students have to understand and practice these facts and opinion questions thoroughly. The essayshout team has tried to explain this concept from the scratch for better understanding. Here you will learn what is a fact, what is an opinion and how to decide between fact and opinion for class 10 literature questions. The fact and opinion MCQ (multiple choice questions) are designed as per the Term 1 Class 10 English syllabus.

NOTE: Fact and Opinion MCQ Answer Key is given at the bottom of the page.

What is a class 10 fact versus opinion question

A fact or an opinion question gives a statement to the students where they are required to find out whether the given statement is a fact or an opinion.

Before solving this problem let’s know what is a fact and what is an opinion.

A fact is a statement that can be/has been proved right. A fact remains the same for everyone in a particular situation.

General Fact for everyone: The sun rises in the East and sets in the West.

The above statement about Sun is a fact for everyone. Regardless of whether you are in the Northern or Southern hemisphere, the sun will always rise in the east and set in the west. 

Alternatively, there can be numerous opinions about a given circumstance and it can change over a period of time.

For example, Mr A thinks that India is a great country. Whereas Mr B thinks that America is a great country. They both can be correct. It is their personal choice or liking.

But, we are here to only discuss class 10 Literature fact and opinion questions.

Now, we come to the CBSE class 10 specific fact or opinion multiple-choice questions.

Fact: Here any statement that was narrated or written in your book will be called a fact.

Opinion: All other statements that are not written in the book but readers may derive or perceive during the reading would be termed as opinion.

The following fact versus opinion MCQ would put more light on the subject.

Let us understand through the examples directly. These examples are added from class 10 First Flight and footprints without feet NCERT books.

Fact and Opinion Question Class 10

1 Correctly classify the following as facts and opinions.
a. For two days I kept an eye on him giving him no food but plenty of water.
b. Mrs Pumphrey should not pamper Tricky.
c. Tricky’s only fault was greed.
d. Tricky was very ill and the doctor suggested hospitalisation.

i (F, F, O, F)
ii (F, O, F, F)
iii (O, F, F, F)
iv (O, O, F, O)

2 Correctly classify the following as facts and opinions.
a. He had been waiting for them for 24 hours.
b. I feel sorry for him as he could not fly like his siblings.
c. yes, I agree but he should have at least tried to fly.
d. Nobody from his family came near him.

i (F, O, O, F)
ii (F, O, F, F)
iii (O, F, F, F)
iv (O, O, F, O)

3 Differentiate the following as facts and opinions on the basis of the lesson.
a. the pilot should be glad that he was safe.
b. the pilot’s life was saved because of his strength and courage.
c. I don’t think that the black aeroplane was a mystery.
d. The Pilot was being irresponsible by entering into the storm.

i (F, O, O, F)
ii (F, O, F, F)
iii (O, F, O, O)
iv (O, O, F, O)

4 Correctly classify the following as facts and opinions.
a. baking was one of the most profitable professions in ancient Goa.
b. I think traditional bakers still earn a lot of money.
c. my granny says that bread is not healthy food.
d. bread making requires mixers, moulders and bakers.

i (F, O, O, F)
ii (F, O, F, F)
iii (O, F, F, F)
iv (O, O, F, O)

5 Correctly classify the following as facts and opinions.
a. Wanda wore the faded blue dress to the school daily.
b. Wanda had no friends.
c. Wanda should have complained to the teacher.
d. I think Wanda felt shy to speak in front of others.

i (F, F, O, O)
ii (F, O, F, F)
iii (O, F, F, F)
iv (O, O, F, O)

6 Find facts and opinions from the following.
a. the young seagull was scared to take his first flight.
b. he should have been brave like his siblings.
c. at last he made a successful first flight off the cliff.
d. his mother played a vital role in making him take the plunge.

i (F, O, O, F)
ii (F, O, F, F)
iii (O, F, F, F)
iv (F, O, F, F)

7 Correctly classify the following as facts and opinions.
a. Lencho wrote a letter to God requesting him to send hundred pesos.
b. Lencho may have taken his friend’s help for food.
c. Lencho firmly believed that God would help him.
d. Postmaster was a kind-hearted person and could understand the problem of Lencho.

i (F, O, F, F)
ii (F, O, F, F)
iii (O, F, F, F)
iv (F, O, F, F)

8 Correctly classify the following as fact and opinion.
a. Mandela should be accompanied by his friends to the ceremony.
b. he was elated to achieve freedom for his nation.
c. he raised his voice against apartheid from his nation.
d. he earned a lot of money.

i (F, O, O, F)
ii (F, O, F, F)
iii (O, F, F, O)
iv (F, O, F, F)

9 Correctly classify the following as fact and opinion.
a. Hari Singh was a thief by profession.
b. his only motive was to deceive Anil.
c. Hari Singh thought that friends bring more trouble than help.
c. Hari Singh lied to Anil that he could cook.

i (F, O, O, F)
ii (F, F, F, F)
iii (O, F, F, F)
iv (F, O, F, F)

10 Which are facts or opinions from the following?
a. Anne Frank was a talkative girl.
b. Mr Keesing praised Anne in front of other students.
c. Anne’s diary was a 13th Birthday present.
d. Anne could not make any friends because she was very proud of herself. 

i (F, O, O, F)
ii (F, F, F, O)
iii (O, F, F, F)
iv (F, O, F, F)

Fact and Opinion MCQ Answer Key

  1. ii
  2. i
  3. iii
  4. i
  5. i
  6. iv
  7. i
  8. iii
  9. ii
  10. ii
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