Unseen Passage with Multiple Choice Questions for Class 10

If you all are presuming that the multiple-choice question pattern selected by CBSE for upcoming term 1 and term 2 exams will be super easy, then you are in dire need to check your facts again. It will be easy only if you have practised well in advance. Make a habit to solve one Unseen Passage with Multiple Choice Questions daily in English or Hindi. You have limited time left now for Nov-Dec Boards and essayshout has already uploaded many MCQ based unseen passages for class 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th. One more Unseen Passage on Politeness has been added below for you. Good luck!
Answers have been added at the bottom, don’t forget to do self-evaluation.

Unseen Passage with Multiple Choice Questions for Class 10

Read the passage given below.

(1) Politeness has been correctly defined as benevolence in trifles. It is the desire to put people we meet perfectly at ease, and save them from every kind of petty discomfort and annoyance. The limited part of benevolence called politeness requires only an inclination to make people happy while they are in our presence. This can be done without any sacrifice on our part or only with a slight sacrifice of personal comfort.

(2) Politeness is said to be one of the important characteristics of a civilised person. It must be implemented in every walk of life. An honest and polite person is polite with everyone—elders, people of lower status, workers, and even children. Not only with humans but we must also be polite with animals.

(3) Politeness is a skill. Like any other skill, you can master it with practice. The greatest enemy of politeness is ego. To be a polite person, you have to sacrifice your ego. It is difficult for an egoist to be polite. You have to apply politeness in your thinking, speech, and actions. Actions work more than words. Polite actions will give positive results. In our daily lives, we come across many incidents where people are unnecessarily rude. Politeness will reduce your stress and help you be productive. Apart from immediate benefits, you protect your future as well. Being polite makes you mentally healthy.

(4) Different rules of behaviour have to be observed at different places, for example in the street or in the drawing-room, at home or at school, in the company of friends or with strangers. We must also consider the great diversity of social etiquette which distinguishes one country from another.

(5) Politeness, besides being a duty that we owe to others, is also a valuable possession for ourselves. It costs nothing, and yet may in many cases bring much profit. The great advantage of this excellence of conduct was very clearly expressed by Dr Johnson when he said that the difference between a well-bred and an ill-bred man is that one immediately attracts your liking, the other your dislike.

Politeness Passage with Multiple Choice Questions

On the basis of your understanding of the passage, answer any ten questions from the twelve that follow: 1 × 10 = 10

(A) Politeness requires:
(a) ego
(b) sacrifice of ego
(c) happiness
(d) politeness

(B) Choose the option that best captures the central idea of the passage from the given quotes.


‘Politeness is the flower of humanity.’

—Joseph Joubert


‘Politeness, is the most acceptable hypocrisy.’

— Ambrose Bierce


‘One of the greatest victories you can gain over someone is to beat him at politeness.’

—Josh Billing


‘Punctuality is the politeness of kings.’

—Louis XVIII of France

(a) option (1)
(b) option (2)
(c) option (3)
(d) option (4)

(C) What is the tone of the following context: “You have to apply politeness in your thinking, speech, and actions.”?
(a) egoistic
(b) imperative
(c) rude
(d) angry

(D) Which of the following is relevant for the title of the passage?
(a) Politeness is healthy
(b) Politeness is Our Duty
(c) Politeness is good for the heart
(d) Politeness improves relationships

(E) In which all areas should politeness be inculcated?
(a) speech
(b) speech, thought and actions
(c) only actions
(d) only thoughts

(F) Which of the following sentences makes the correct use of ‘trifle’, as used in the passage.
(a) We shouldn’t bother him over such trifles.
(b) She must not be trifled with.
(c) I want to have trifles in dessert
(d) We will not waste our life in trifles.

(G) How does the culture of different countries vary?
(a) in social etiquette
(b) in social behaviour
(c) in social laws
(d) in social drawbacks

(H) What is politeness for us? (1) duty (2) right (3) obligation (4) valuable possession
(a) option (1) only
(b) options (1) and (2)
(c) options (1) and (4)
(d) options (2) and (3)

(I) What do you understand from this line, ‘Politeness is said to be one of the important characteristics of a civilised person.’?
(a) Politeness is inevitable
(b) Being polite is a quality of a civilized person
(c) Don’t waste your time with civilized people
(d) Try to be civilized

(J) Choose the option that correctly states the meaning of ‘well-bred’ as implied in the passage:
(a) ill-bred
(b) refined
(c) excellence
(d) profit

(K) The importance of being polite was best described by:
(a) Dr Abdul Kalam
(b) Dr Johnson
(c) Smt. Indira Gandhi
(d) Mahatma Gandhi

(L) What is the message conveyed in the last paragraph of the passage?
(a) Politeness distinguishes us
(b) Unity in diversity
(c) Politeness is excellence
(d) Politeness is a valuable possession

Politeness Reading Comprehension Answer Key

(A) b sacrifice of ego

(B) 1 ‘Politeness is the flower of humanity.’

(C) b imperative

(D) d Politeness improves relationships

(E) b speech, thought and actions

(F) a We should not bother him over such trifles.

(G) a in social etiquette

(H) c options (1) and (4)

(I) b Being polite is a quality of a civilized person

(J) b refined

(K) b dr. johnson

(L) a Politeness distinguishes us 

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