Unseen Passage For Class 10 Discipline Passage Answers

Read the Unseen Passage For Class 10 with Answers. The following questions are based on a new pattern for English in class 10 board exams.

What is Discipline Passage for Class 10 | MCQ Reading Comprehension Passage

(1)What is discipline? Is it absolute freedom to do what a person wants? Is freedom regardless of consequences? Does it mean corrective action after a problem occurs or wrong is done? Is it imposition? Is it abuse? Does it take away freedom?

(2) The answer is none of the above. Discipline does not mean that a person takes a belt and beats up kids. That is madness. Discipline is loving firmness. It is direction. It is prevention before a problem arises. It is harnessing and channelling energy for a great performance. Discipline is not something you do to yourself but you do it for those you care about.

(3) Discipline is an act of love. Sometimes, you have to be unkind to be kind. Not all medicines are sweet, and not all surgeries are painless, but we have to take them. We need to learn from nature. We are all familiar with the big animal, the giraffe. A female giraffe gives birth to a baby giraffe standing. All of a sudden, the baby falls to the ground from the cushion of its mother’s womb and sits on the ground. The first thing the mother giraffe does is get behind the baby and give it a hard kick. The baby gets up but sits down again. The mother keeps kicking till the baby gets up on its feet and starts moving. Why? Because she knows that the only chance of survival for the baby in the jungle is to be on its feet. Otherwise, it will be eaten up by wild cats.

(4) Children brought up in a loving yet disciplined environment end up respecting their parents more and becoming law-abiding citizens. The reverse is just as true. Good parents are not afraid of momentary dislike by children to enforce the subject. Allowing a child to eat a box of chocolate could lead to sickness. At the same time, the discipline of eating one or two pieces a day can be an enjoyable experience for a longer time. Our instinct makes us do whatever we want regardless of the consequences. Freedom is not procured by the full enjoyment of what is desired but by the control of desire.

On the basis of your understanding of the passage, answer any ten questions from the twelve that follow:

(A) What according to the writer is not discipline?

(a) To provide absolute freedom to the children.
(b) To have lovingly stern behaviour with the children.
(c) To allow children to disobedience. (d) To follow prevention before the problem.

Ans: (c) To allow children for disobedience

(B) Choose the option that best captures the central idea of the passage from the given quotes.

I am prepared for the worst, let’s hope for the best. —Benjamin Disraeli (1)

With constant self-discipline and self-control, you can develop greatness of character. —Grenville Ikleie (2)

Freedom, in any case, is only possible by constantly struggling for it. —Albert Einstein (3)

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of wise. —Benjamin Franklin (4)

a) option 1 b) Option 2 c) Option 3 d) Option 4

Ans: b) option 2

(C)Which of the characteristics are apt about the writer in the following context, “Discipline is loving firmness. It is direction. It is prevention before a problem arises”.

  1. Impatient
  2. Clarity in Thoughts
  3. Abusive
  1. Ignorant
  2. Determined
  3. spontaneous

(a) (1) and (3) (b) (4) and (5) (c) (2) and (5) (d) (6) and (4)

Ans: (c) (2) and (5)

(D) Which of the following will be the most appropriate title for the passage?

(a) Discipline: The Need for Era
(b) Discipline: The Need of Society
(c) Value of Discipline
(d) Understand the True Meaning of Discipline.

Ans: (d) Understand the True Meaning of Discipline

(E) How can channelling energy help?

(a) by providing your future.
(b) by preparing our future.
(c) by preparing us to face difficult times efficiently.
(d) by preparing it for great scores.

Ans: by preparing us to face difficult times efficiently

(F) The phrase “law-abiding citizens” refers to the children who:

(a) are loyal to the nation.
(b) follow the rules laid down for them.
(c) have parents that were not moved by momentary dislikes of their kids.
(d) help in forming laws.

Ans: (c) have parents that were not moved by momentary dislikes of their kids

(G) Select the option that makes the correct use of “enforce”, as used in the passage, to fill in the blank space.

(a) The sun was trying to ………………… its way through the curtains. (b) All attempts to ………………… the British commercial regulation were ineffectual. (c) You were trying to ………………… me off the bed. (d) He was not ………………… of anything.

Ans: (b) All attempts to ………………… the British commercial regulation were ineffectual.

(H) If not the family, where else can learn discipline?

(a) The people around us.
(b) The school where students study and learn.
(c) Nature.
(d) The giraffe.

Ans: (c) Nature

(I) What does the author mean when he says, the act of love?

(a) warm gesture.
(b) a gesture of love.
(c) the intense emotion of affection.
(d) to hug one

Ans: (b) a gesture of love

(J) Choose the option that correctly states the meaning of Channeling, as used in the passage.

(a) murring
(b) forwarding
(c) Distillating
(d) emitting

Ans: (c) Distillating

(K) The author explains the importance of discipline and freedom in our lives having the example of:
(a) medicines and teachers.
(b) medicines and chocolate box.
(c) surgeries and giraffe.
(d) giraffe and kangaroo.

Ans: (b) medicines and chocolate box

(L) What is the message conveyed in the last paragraph of the passage?
(a) Children should obey their parents.
(b) Children should eat two chocolate a day.
(c) Children should use freedom by controlling desires.
(d) Children should be provided with proper freedom.

Ans: (c) Children should use freedom by controlling desires

Difficult word meanings for unseen passage on discipline is explained below 👇

Impositionto force someone to follow anything
Abuseto use dirty language
Harnessing energy and channellingcontrol your energy and put it in one direction
Firmnessbeing in control
Survivalcontinuation of life
Distillatingthe liquid is evaporated and channelled into a condenser
DistielretingIt is a printing mistake in the sample paper, the correct word is distillating

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