A Tiger in the Zoo Dialogue Writing Question Answers Class 10

It is an imaginary Dialogue Writing between A Tiger and Man. Although it can be read as general communication, it is specifically written for CBSE class 10th students for the poem A Tiger in the Zoo. You might know that Dialogue-based questions are lately included by CBSE in the syllabus of classes 9-12 to improve the English Writing skills of students.

Imagine that Man has been accused by the tiger of cruelty in an animal court. What would be the tiger’s two major accusations and how would Man defend them? Present your answer in the form of a conversation script.


1)make sure to read the complete literature lesson thoroughly so that you can plot your conversation accordingly. The writer should know everything about the characters to write vivid dialogues.

2)write easy and short dialogues.

3)try to add any quotation or proverb in your script (if it fits the conversation)

4)last but not the least, add at least one statement actually spoken by the character in the story to put emphasis on his words.

Dialogue based questions class 10

Argumentative Conversation Between a Tiger and Man

Tiger: Your Honour, man has been killing tigers for years.

Man: Sir, Humans had to kill tigers to safeguard themselves from life-threatening animal attacks.

Tiger: You are accusing the tigers. Men hunted us for FUN.

Man: Our ancestors hunted you to show off their manhood. But, we have prohibited all sorts of hunting and killing of animals.

Tiger: Moreover, You have encroached on our natural habitat.

Man: You should be thankful to us for making National parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries to safeguard your species.

Tiger: But, we want to roam freely in our JUNGLE.

Man: There you could die of starvation.

Tiger: You mind your own business. We can manage our food ourselves.

Man: Don’t you know that human is the most intelligent of all the creatures.

Tiger: What do you want to say?

Man: I mean we are SUPERIOR to you and you should abide by our terms.

Tiger: No, we will not tolerate it anymore.

Man: For that, you will have to prove your superiority and brain power.

Judge: Order Order!

It is an argumentative conversation that has no set conclusion, that’s why it could not be closed.

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