What is the Underlying Message of the Poem Dust of Snow

CBSE Class 10 English Language & Literature
Text: First flight
Poem: Dust of Snow
Poet: Robert Frost

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  1. Write the sum and substance of the poem ‘Dust of Snow’.
  2. What is the central idea of the poem ‘Dust of Snow’?
  3. What is the theme of the poem ‘Dust of Snow’?

What is the Underlying Message/central idea of the Poem Dust of Snow?

ANS: The poem “Dust of Snow” by Robert Frost is a short and simple poem that conveys a message of hope and joy through a small incident. The poet, who is feeling gloomy and depressed, is suddenly surprised by a crow shaking off some snow from a hemlock tree onto him. The unexpected incident jolts him out of his negative state of mind and makes him realize the beauty and wonder of the world around him. The message of the poem is that even a small and seemingly insignificant event can have the power to change our outlook on life and bring us joy.

Q. What is the theme of the poem ‘Dust of Snow’? (short question)

ANS: The theme of the poem ‘Dust of Snow’ is the power of small moments or incidents to bring about a change in our perspective and mood, even in the midst of sadness or despair.

NOTE: The theme of the poem is the central idea or message that the poet wants to convey to the reader.

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