Class 10 English Ch 1 Footprints Without Feet Question Bank Answers

These questions for class 10 English from NCERT Footprint without Feet are important for students. The Triumph of Surgery Question Bank is based on the new pattern introduced by CBSE under the new education policy. Follow Homework Help By RG for an easy Hindi explanation of class 10 literature and grammar questions.

A Triumph of Surgery Question Bank Class 10 English

(A) The entire staff was roused and maids rushed in and out bringing his day bed, his night bed, favourite cushions, toys and rubber rings, breakfast bowl, lunch bowl, and supper bowl. Realising that my car would never hold all the stuff, I started to drive away. As I moved off, Mrs Pumphrey, with a despairing cry, threw an armful of the little coats through the window. I looked in the mirror before I turned the corner of the drive; everybody was in tears. Out on the road, I glanced down at the pathetic little animal gasping on the seat by my side. I patted the head and Tricki made a brave effort to wag his tail. “Poor old lad,” I said. “You haven’t a kick in you but I think I know a cure for you.”

i What might the atmosphere of the household in the above extract signify?

a) Mrs Pumphrey’s status in society is reflected in Tricki’s lifestyle.
b) The staff’s love for Tricki, which matched that of Mrs Pumphrey
c) The grand life of comforts and luxuries that Tricki enjoyed.
d) Mrs Pumphrey’s indulgence and anxiety were acted upon by the staff.

ii Given below are emoticons reflecting various expressions and reactions. Choose the option that correctly describes the narrator’s mindset in the given extract.

Triumph of surgery question bank

a) Options (i) and (iii)
b) Options (ii) and (iv)
c) Options (iii) and (v)
d) Options (ii) and (v)

iii Given below are some well-known quotes shared by the staff to console Mrs Pumphrey, after Tricki’s departure. Choose the option that correctly identifies the quote that IS NOT appropriate to the consolation offered.

Triumph of surgery question bank

a) Option (i)
b) Option (ii)
c) Option (iii)
d) Option (iv)

iv As the extract indicates, Mrs Pumphrey indulged Tricki and bought him many things. Choose the option that best describes the kinds of advertisement/s that seem likely to persuade Mrs Pumphrey to buy something for Tricki.

(i) Statistics Appeal – Such advertisements use facts and data to convince consumers to buy products.
(ii) Scarcity Appeal – Such advertisements create a feeling of exclusivity and are often used to convince people to take advantage of a sale or limited-period offer.
(iii) Personal Appeal – Such advertisements focus on evoking emotions to convince consumers and often relate to family or other interpersonal interactions.
(iv) Fear Appeal – Such advertisements focus on inspiring some kind of fear to convince
consumers to take action to avoid certain negative or undesirable consequences.
a) Options (i), (ii) and (iv)
b) Options (iii) and (iv)
c) Options (i), (iii) and (iv)
d) Option (ii) only

v The narrator describes Tricki as a “pathetic little animal”. The use of the word ‘pathetic’ indicates that the narrator

a) was very fond of Tricki.
b) thought Tricki was contemptible.
c) pitied Tricki’s condition.
d) believed Tricki’s health was deteriorating.

Answer Key for MCQ (A)
i – d
ii – b
iii – d
iv – b
v – c

Triumph of Surgery CBSE Question Bank Answer Key | MCQ of Triumph of Surgery

Triumph of surgery
(B) He discovered the joys of being bowled over, tramped on and squashed every few minutes. He became an accepted member of the gang, an unlikely, silky little object among the shaggy crew, fighting like a tiger for his share at mealtimes and hunting rats in the old henhouse at night. He had never had such a time in his life. All the while, Mrs Pumphrey hovered anxiously in the background, ringing a dozen times a day for the latest bulletins.

i. Read the following statements, each of which describes the gist of the given extract. Select the option that captures the essence of the extract correctly.

Statement I – It highlights the kind of comforts and luxuries that Tricki was used to at home.
Statement II – It brings out a contrast between Tricki and Mrs Pumphrey’s state of being.
Statement III – It reflects that Tricki was happier at the surgery, and loved being with other dogs.
Statement IV – It shows Tricki’s journey with his peers at the surgery and documents his recovery.

a) Statements I and II
b) Statements III and IV
c) Statements I and III
d) Statements II and IV

ii What does the reference to Tricki as a “silky little object” signify?

a) Tricki was a very small and rather pampered dog.
b) Tricki was comfortably attired in fine silks and warm coats.
c) Unlike the other dogs, Tricki had lived in the lap of luxury with care and grooming.
d) The narrator’s mockery of Tricki’s life and treatment of Mrs Pumphrey.

iii Why does the narrator describe being “tramped on and squashed” as joys?

a) To suggest the irony about the strange ways of dogs.
b) To mention the simple pleasures of canine life.
c) To compare it to Tricki’s earlier play-time at the house.
d) To direct attention towards Tricki’s successful recovery.

iv “All the while, Mrs Pumphrey hovered anxiously in the background”. Given below are different types of pet parenting styles described in Country Living, an e-magazine. Choose the option that best reflects the kind of pet owner Mrs Pumphrey was.

(i) Traffic Light pet owners have a healthy balance of rules and freedom and give clear and consistent signals for ‘yes’ and ‘no’.
(ii) Entranced pet owners have the best intentions, but as soon as their pet locks eyes with them and gives their command, they are at their pet’s beck and call.
(iii) Goose pet owners go all-out in protecting their pets. They often limit their time away from their pet, especially puppies.
(iv) The Baggage Handler pet owners love being close to their pets and going on adventures together. They are always mindful of the pet’s comfort and security.
a) Option (i)
b) Option (ii)
c) Option (iii
d) Option (iv)

v Pick the option that reveals Tricki’s characteristics in the context of ‘fighting like a tiger for his share at mealtimes and hunting rats in the old henhouse at night.’

1) selfish
2) happy
3) greedy
4) confident
5) sturdy
6) cruel

a) 2,4 and 5
b) Only 2
c) 1 and 5
d) 3,4 and 6

Answer Key for MCQ (B)
i – d
ii – c
iii – b
iv – b
v – a

The Triumph of Surgery Short Question Answers | Class 10 Competency-Based Questions Footprint Without FeetQ10

Answer in 20-30 words

i What do you think would happen to Tricki after he went back to Mrs Pumphrey?

ANS: I think Tricki would again be over-pampered by Mrs Pumphrey. He might develop the same health issues gradually because Mrs Pumphrey was not aware of the actual treatment given to him. Furthermore, ‘old habits die hard’.

ii “I was really worried about Tricki this time.” Comment on the writer’s choice of beginning the story in this manner. What purpose does it serve?

ANS: The writer chose this statement to begin the story to put the reader’s focus entirely on Tricki and his health from the very beginning of the lesson. Moreover, Tricki is the main character of the story.

iii Do you think the narrator’s decision not to reveal the actual treatment to Mrs Pumphrey was unprofessional? Justify your stance.

ANS: I think it was not unprofessional. Mr Herriot knew that Mrs Pumphrey would never allow him to keep the dog fasting which was the only natural treatment to save the dog.

iv “Tricki’s only fault was greed”, says the narrator. What might be Mrs? Pumphrey’s “only fault”?

ANS: Mrs Pumphrey’s only fault was her richness and over-caring nature. She had provided luxurious things to an animal that replaced his actual needs and made him ill and obese.

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Triumph of Surgery Extra Questions Class 10

Q11 Answer in 40-50 words

i According to a popular quote— Where there is no struggle, there is no strength. In what way is this quote relevant to the events of the story?

ANS: The quote given above is quite relevant to the events of the story. The beginning of the story proved that Tricki was lifeless because he did not struggle to digest his food. In the later part of the lesson, Dr Herriot authenticated that real strength comes only after struggle and hard work. He helped the dog to regain his strength by involving him in regular exercise and a food regime. Food without exercise can lead to disease and discomfort for everyone.

ii ‘Privilege often confuses actual needs for perceived ones.’ Evaluate this statement with reference to Mrs Pumphrey.

ANS: It is a fact known to all that animals do not need silk clothes, playful toys, and various utensils to stay happy. But Mrs Pumphrey had provided these privileges to an animal. Being a pet to a rich lady, these luxuries replaced the dog’s actual needs and made him ill and dull. 

iii Imagine Mrs Pumphrey came to know how Tricki was actually treated. Write a brief note to the narrator on her behalf. You may begin this way:
Dear Mr Herriot
I recently met Mrs Mallard when she brought her Pixie to visit dear Tricki. I spoke to her about the great triumph of surgery that had brought him back to me. Imagine my surprise when she told me how mistaken I was! I am writing to you to share……(continue)………

ANS: Dear Mr Harriot,
I recently met Mrs Mallard when she brought her Pixie to visit dear Tricki. I spoke to her about the great triumph of surgery that had brought him back to me. Imagine my surprise, when she told me how mistaken I was. I am writing to you to share that I am full of guilt and regret for my mistakes. My little Tricki had to suffer because of my ignorance and over-possessiveness. You had warned me earlier also but I did not take your words seriously. You did it right by hiding the secrets from me. Still, I would call it a triumph of surgery but a natural surgery.
thank you,
Mrs Pumphrey

Triumph of Surgery Question Bank Long Questions Class 10 English

Q12 Answer in 100-120 words (beyond text and across texts)

i Imagine that one of Mr Herriot’s partners can understand dogs’ language and listen to Tricki on his last night with them
a) What might Tricki share about his experience?
b) How would he evaluate it in comparison to his home experience?

ANS: (a) Tricki might share that he gets less to eat at the surgery but he feels more energetic there. He has to fight with other dogs to grab his share of the meal. Though his mates kick him and bowl him over, he loves and enjoys their company. He might say that he is getting to be quite stronger at the surgery.

(b) He would evaluate from Tricki’s experience that overprotectiveness and overeating without exercise can make anyone unhealthy. We must understand that life is not about eating all the time. Besides every discomfort does not need medicine or surgery. Lifestyle disorders can be treated with the right routine and eating habits. He might conclude from Tricki’s experience that richness does not guarantee health and happiness.

ii Mrs Pumphrey and Dr Herriot have been invited to speak at a community pet adoption drive. There were some differences in Mrs Pumphrey’s and Dr Herriot’s notions of responsibility and experiences of keeping a pet. As a reporter for the local pet magazine, write an article recording and comparing their perspectives. Don’t forget to give it an interesting title.

ANS: Community Pet Adoption Drive
The veterinary society invited Dr Herriot, a senior vet and Mrs Pumphrey to share their experiences of keeping a pet on the occasion of the Pet adoption drive. Mrs Pumphrey believes in providing luxurious clothes and toys and tasty food to pets. Whereas Dr Herriot explained that overfeeding without any physical work or exercise can make the animals ill and sluggish. According to him discipline and simple food is the key to the pets’ health. Both shared different pet parenting tips for pet lovers.
Every dog has its day, they say. The event came to an end with the handing over of 10 pets to interested veterinarians. Finally, the pets looked happy with their new family.
Other Interesting Titles for this answer- Community pet adoption drive, Adoptathon, Rich vs Poor Pet, Paws for a Cause

iii Imagine that Walt Whitman shares his poem ‘Animals’ in response to Dr Herriot’s narration of Tricki’s story. Dr Herriot reflects on the poem and his experience with Tricki and Mrs Pumphrey draws a connection between them and records his thoughts in his diary. Write the diary entry as Dr Herriot.
You may begin this way:
12 May 1950, Friday 9.30 pm
Walt’s poem has compelled me to think again about my experience with Tricki and Mrs Pumphrey. All those materialistic playthings ….

ANS: 12 May 1950, Friday 9.30 pm
Walt’s poem has compelled me to think again about my experience with Tricki and Mrs Pumphrey. All those materialistic playthings are useless in front of the natural habitat and mates of animals. Mrs Pumphrey does not feel happy and satisfied even after offering heavy privileges to her pet dog. It made the dog ill. Still, he did not weep about his condition. Animals do not aspire for material things. They are calm and self-sufficient. Tricki was happy and healthy without any fancy toys, clothes, food or wine. Mrs Pumphrey exemplifies that the life of humans is full of stress, depression, anxiety and unhappiness. Like Walt Witman, I, too, wish to live with animals in their natural surroundings.

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