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The following Question Bank of ‘The thief’s story’ was uploaded on CBSE’s official website for the class 10 board exam. But, it still holds good for the upcoming class 10th exams. It contains ‘The Thief’s Story MCQ and short and long questions which are based on the new pattern of competency-based questions introduced by CBSE for future exams. Students can get to know the right way of answering the questions that are not given in the lesson itself.

The Thief’s Story MCQ | Class 10 CBSE Question Bank

Multiple Choice Questions based on an extract

(A) Anil was watching a wrestling match when I approached him. He was about 25- a tall, lean fellow – and he looked easy-going, kind and simple enough for my purpose. I hadn’t had much luck of late and thought I might be able to get into the young man’s confidence. ‘You look a bit of a wrestler yourself,” I said. A little flattery helps in making friends.

i According to the extract, the young boy was watching the wrestling match because he

a) had been invited there by the wrestlers.
b) was supposed to meet someone there.
c) was looking for simple people to dupe.
d) loved wrestling and followed it very closely.

ii ‘I hadn’t had much luck of late’ means that the boy hadn’t

a) ever conned people successfully.
b) been successful in duping people lately.
c) understood the consequences of thievery till date.
d) considered the role of fate in deceiving others.

iii ‘I might be able to get into the young man’s confidence.’ Choose the option that DOES NOT display what the statement means.

a) He wanted to win his trust.
b) He wanted him to share his thoughts without caution.
c) He wanted him to feel comfortable revealing more details about himself.
d) He wanted to be able to spend quality time with him.

iv Anil looked easy-going, kind and simple to the narrator. Which of the given characteristics would NOT fit in with this description?

a) compassionate
b) suave
c) uncomplicated
d) carefree

v Based on the line, “A little flattery helps in making friends.”, choose the option that displays the quote closest in meaning.

a) Imitation is the best form of flattery; people generally understand that my comedy is not intended to hurt anybody
b) I know imitation is the highest form of flattery, but stealing one’s identity is totally different.
c) Nothing is so great an example of bad manners as flattery. If you flatter all the company, you please none; If you flatter only one or two, you offend the rest.
d) One may define flattery as a base companionship that is most advantageous to the flattered.

Answer key for MCQs
Q3 (A)
i) c
ii) b
iii) d
iv) b
v) d

The Thief’s Story MCQ | Class 10 CBSE Question Bank

(B) I think he knew I made a little money this way but he did not seem to mind. Anil made money by fits and starts. He would borrow one week, and lend the next. He kept worrying about his next cheque, but as soon as it arrived, he would go out and celebrate. It seems he wrote for magazines—a queer way to make a living!

I Anil made money ‘by fits and starts’ means that he

a) deemed it fit to start investing money.
b) started earning money in the recent past.
c) received money intermittently.
d) put his money to use frequently.

ii The information in the extract suggests that Anil could be a

a) salaried professional
b) a freelancer
c) a businessman
d) a volunteer

iii If borrow:: lend, then pick the ODD pair from the options below

a) give : : take
b) lose : : find
c) hop : : skip
d) buy : : sell

iv The reference to making a little money ‘this way’ refers to a way that is viewed by most people as

a) sensible.
b) inappropriate.
c) charitable.
d) Aggressive

v Based on your understanding of Anil in the extract, choose the option that synchronises with his thinking.

a) So what if I don’t have much money? Giving it to that person is important as they could do with a helping hand.
b) I better learn how to protect my money. I think I’m being looted.
c) I earn money with such tremendous effort. Where does it all go?
d) When I become rich, I can begin to help friends then. Right now, I will spend only on myself.

Answer Key for Q3 (B)
i) c
ii) b
iii) c
iv) b
v) a

The Thief’s Story Short Questions | Class 10 CBSE Question Bank

Q10 Answer in 20-30 words
i The narrator followed Anil ‘casually’. Why?
ANS: The narrator who was a thief by profession wanted to win Anil’s trust to rob him later. That’s why he followed him casually so that Anil does not doubt him.

ii What was the thought behind using appealing smiles frequently on Anil?
ANS: One can attract others through the right gestures and facial expressions. The narrator wanted to appear honest and trustable in front of Anil, hence, he used appealing smiles frequently on him to win over his trust.

iii How do you think the narrator made a profit of about a rupee a day?
ANS: He might have charged Anil a higher price for vegetables and groceries than he actually paid. This way he managed to save some money himself.

iv Why do you think the young thief had quite a few scars on his face?
ANS: He was involved in the profession of robbery for quite a long time. He would have got scars from stealing or snatching valuable things from people.

The Thief’s Story Extra Question| Class 10 CBSE Question Bank

 Q11 Answer in 40-50 words

i It’s not easy to be mean to people who are very nice to you. Do you think that the young thief had to work on giving himself valid reasons to be able to commit the theft? Or did the thieving come as naturally to him this time, too? Write a brief analysis of his mood before the theft.

ANS:  This time thrill did not come to him naturally. Anil fully trusted the boy it was not easy for the thief to dupe him. That’s why it was not easy for him to rob his new employee Anil.
His conscience objected to stealing Anil but he reminded himself that he could not cook for him any longer. Moreover, Anil did not pay him regularly for the work. He convinced himself by saying that he could not wait to learn the whole sentences to bring a turning point in his life.  

ii Why do you think the narrator used to feel that ‘friends were more trouble than help’? What could have led him to believe this?

ANS:  He was a robber and a common and did not want to share his secrets and whereabouts with anyone. In his profession, even minor dishonesty might take him behind bars. Moreover, he used to take a new name every month to hide from the police and his previous employers.

iii At the end of the story, we realise that Anil knew about the incident of the previous night, yet he chose to overlook such a breach of trust. Explain.

ANS: Anil chose to overlook such a breach of trust because he wanted Hari Singh to get an education and live a respectable life. He knew that handing him over to the police would only spoil him. His coming back proved that he had realised his mistake. That’s why Anil had given him a chance to improve his lifestyle.

Q12 Answer in 100-120 words

i Based on the given context, write a diary entry, as the narrator, on what you experienced and the possible reason for it. I should have been able to jump into one of the carriages, but I hesitated — for some reason, I can’t explain — and lost the chance to get away.

Diary Entry

8.00 pm, 7 August 2020
Dear Diary,
I should have been able to jump into one of the carriages but I hesitated for some reason I can’t explain and I lost the chance to get away. Earlier I was so quick to run away in similar situations. But this time I could not get it because Anil’s trust and simplicity shackled my legs and brain. I could not breach his trust. He had entrusted the keys of his home to me to come and go whenever I wished. I imagined that he would feel bad in the morning not for the loss of money but for the loss of trust. If I had run away that evening I would have not forgiven myself for my whole life. These considerations turned me back to Anil with the money. I hope I took the right decision.

ii Education means different things to different people. Evaluate how it impacted the young thief in the story.

ANS: Education means different things to different people. The young boy had come after Anil with the sole purpose to cheat and dupe him. When Anil taught him to add numbers he realised that education could make a big difference in his life. Now, he had understood that to become a big, clever and respectable man, he must be educated. He felt that he could achieve anything if he learned to read and write whole sentences. Later when he was thinking to flee with the stolen money, his mind was struck again with the importance of education. Besides, the nice behaviour and trust of his employer had transformed a thief’s heart and he returned and put the money back. This way it can be said that education had a makeover effect on the thief, Hari Singh.

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