The Necklace Question Bank Fully Solved Class 10 English

Here you will find CBSE 10th Class L-7 Footprints Without Feet The Necklace MCQ, short and long question answers. This question bank was released by CBSE to give students a glimpse of the lately introduced competency-based questions. CBSE question bank, 2021 contains multiple-choice questions for the Term 1 exam and short and long questions for the 10th class board exam. These extra questions of The Necklace will help you prepare for your final board exams.

Footprints Without Feet Class X Chapter 7- The Necklace CBSE Question Bank Fully solved

Q3 Multiple Choice Questions based on an extract.
“She suffered incessantly, feeling herself born for all delicacies and luxuries. She suffered from the poverty of her apartment, the shabby walls and the worn chairs. All these things tortured and angered her. When she seated herself for dinner opposite her husband who uncovered the tureen with a delighted air, saying, “Oh! the good potpie! I know nothing better than that…,” she would think of elegant dinners of shining silver; she thought of the exquisite food served in marvellous dishes. She had neither frocks nor jewels, nothing. And she loved only those things. She had a rich friend, a schoolmate at the convent, who she did not like to visit- she suffered so much when she returned. She wept for whole days from despair and disappointment.”

i Choose the option that lists the set of statements that are NOT TRUE according to the given extract.

  1. 1.Matilda was very pleased with her life.
  2. Matilda envied her friend for being well-off.
  3. M Loisel didn’t appreciate what Matilda cooked.
  4. Matilda despised the fact that she lived a life of poverty.
  5. Matilda never felt troubled, though she desired a luxurious life.
  6. Matilda thought of grand dinners and silverware sitting at the dinner table.
  7. Matilda felt depressed after visiting her friend.

a) 1, 3, 6
b) 3, 5, 7
c) 1, 3, 5
d) 2, 4, 7

ii Which word does ‘delicacies’ NOT correspond to?
a) etherealness
b) elegance
c) exquisiteness
d) robustness

iii Choose the answer that lists the correct option of what a ‘tureen’ is?

a) Option (i)
b) Option (ii)
c) Option (iii)
d) Option (iv)

iv Choose the characteristic displayed by M Loisel in the extract.
a) conceited
b) contender
c) appeased
d) subdued

V The extract uses the phrase ‘elegant dinners’. Which of the following expressions is incorrect with respect to the word ‘elegant’?

The necklace Question Bank Solutions

a) option i)
b) option ii)
c) option iii)
d) option iv)

The Necklace Answer Key MCQ (A)

i) c)1, 3, 5
ii) d) robustness
iii) option iii)
iv) contended
v) option iii)

The Necklace Class 10 MCQ | CBSE Question Bank 2021

(B) “He was silent, stupefied, in dismay, at the sight of his wife weeping. He stammered, “What is the matter? What is the matter?” By a violent effort, she had controlled her vexation and responded in a calm voice, wiping her moist cheeks, “Nothing. Only I have no dress and consequently, I cannot go to this affair. Give your card to some colleague whose wife is better fitted out than I.’’ He was grieved, but answered, “Let us see, Matilda. How much would a suitable costume cost, something that would serve for other occasions, something very simple?” She reflected for some seconds thinking of a sum that she could ask for without bringing with it an immediate refusal and a frightened exclamation from the economical clerk.”

i. What does ‘economical clerk’ indicate?
a) M Loisel was a spendthrift even though he earned a lot.
b) M Loisel was thrifty as he had a meagre income.
c) M Loisel calculated money all the time as he was a clerk.
d) M Loisel was stingy about money and didn’t spend it.

ii Pick the option that correctly classifies fact/s (F) and opinion/s (O) of the people below:

The necklace Question Bank Solutions

i) F-1, 2 and O-3, 4
j) F-3, O-1,2, 4
k) F-2, 4, O-1,3
l) F-2, 3, 4, O-1

iii Pick the correct set that matches with the feelings of the highlighted words related to the characters:
Matilda: By a violent effort, she had controlled…
M Loisel: He was grieved….
i) Matilda felt aggressive; M Loisel was troubled
ii) Matilda was irritated; M Loisel was upset and cried
iii) Matilda tried extremely hard; M Loisel felt intense sorrow
iv) Matilda was quite calm; M Loisel’s heart ached for love

a) Option i)
b) Option ii)
c) Option iii)
d) Option iv)

iv M Loisel was astonished seeing his wife’s reaction. He writes a diary entry that night. Complete the entry with the missing words, by choosing the correct option.

11 January, Monday 9:00 pm
I thought Matilda would be (i) __ seeing the invitation in my hand. However, her reaction has left me (ii)______. I don’t know how I would be able to (iii)___ a new dress for her.
a) i) vexed ii) disturbed iii) bring
b) i) elated ii) disturbed iii) afford
c) i) keen ii) depressed iii) bring
d) i) elated ii) distressed iii) afford

v Choose the option that gives the most appropriate response to the statement made by the speaker.
M Loisel overpampered his wife and readily accepted her demands.

The necklace Question Bank Solutions

a) I think Matilda was being unreasonable and unrealistic.
b) I feel that M Loisel loved Matilda and wanted her to be happy.
c) In my opinion M Loisel was being too harsh with Matilda.
d) I feel that M Loisel should not have brought the invite home.

The Necklace Answer Key MCQ (B)

i b) M Loisel was thrifty as he had a meagre income.
ii b) F-3, O-1,2, 4
iii c) option iii)
iv d) i) elated ii) distressed iii) afford
v b) I feel that M Loisel loved Matilda and wanted her to be happy

The Necklace Short Question Answer | CBSE Question Bank Fully Solved

Q10 Answer in 20-30 words
i Madam Loisel now knew the horrible life of necessity. Do you think Madam Loisel accepted this change willingly? Give two reasons in support of your answer.

ANS: Madam Loisel accepted this change willingly because she agreed to shift to a smaller apartment. She laid off all the housemaids and did all the household work on her own and never complained about it.

ii Mention two things you would have done, other than what M Loisel did, to help resolve the problem of the lost necklace.

ANS: If I were in place of M Loisel, I would have told Mme Forestier the truth and promised her that the necklace would be replaced. I would ask her the price of the necklace rather than making vague guesses.

iii Mention one of the most pleasurable things, according to you, that money can’t buy and support your choice with an appropriate reason.

ANS: The most pleasurable thing, according to me, is the company and health of our loved ones. One can’t buy someone’s life with money. Satisfaction and peace of mind should be the utmost priority of a human being rather than a fake show-off.

iv Imagine Matilda got to know that M Loisel had given her four hundred francs, which he had saved to buy a gun. How do you think she would have reacted?

Ans. I don’t think she would have reacted differently because she always thought of her own luxuries. Even if she would have come to know that M. Loisel had kept that money to buy that gun she would not have bothered as she wanted to look the best in the ball.

The Necklace Subjective Question Answer | CBSE Question Bank Fully Solved

Answer in 40-50 words
i Mme Forestier writes a diary entry after having met Matilda, knowing the truth and seeing the transformation in her friend. Write a short diary entry as Mme Forestier about your encounter and how you felt. You may begin like this.

20th July, Monday 9:00 pm
I couldn’t recognise Matilda at all. I wish she had told me the truth about the necklace.


20th July, Monday 9:00 pm

Dear diary,
I couldn’t recognise Matilda at all. I wish she had told me the truth about the necklace. She had to undergo a troubled life to repay the price of the necklace which was actually 400 francs only. She is no more a pretty woman now. I am surprised that despite being sharing good relations with each other she did not share the news about the accidental loss of the piece of jewellery.
I remember that she always criticised her status. But, the hard time has made her realise that one should value their possessions. That’s all for now. Bye

ii Imagine you’re one of the columnists in a magazine. People write to you about their issues, seeking your advice. Matilda writes to you about the guilt she feels for having lost a necklace and how it changed the course of her life and her husband’s. What would be your advice to her?

ANS: Hi Matilda,
I can understand that you are going through a difficult phase in life. You know, everything happening in our life is not controllable by us. Don’t feel guilty about it as whatever happens, happens for the best. I admit that you had to sacrifice your youth and your luxuries for the repayment of the lost necklace. But, it’s never too late. Make a fresh beginning and save even the smallest penny to secure your old age. Your struggle has made you laborious and hard-working. Stop regretting the past and try to enjoy your present life with your loving husband.

iii Matilda goes home after meeting Mme Forestier after ten years and shares the fact with M Loisel that the necklace was a false one. Write the dialogue between Matilda and M Loisel
Matilda: I don’t know how to tell you this but I met Mme Forestier today and she told me that her necklace was
M Loisel: What! I can’t believe my ears. That huge debt was for nothing!
Matilda: …………………………………………………………………………………………………………
M Loisel: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………….

ANS: Dialogue between Matilda and M Loisel

Matilda: I don’t know how to tell you this but I met Mme Forestier today and she told me that her necklace was an artificial one.
M Loisel: What! I can’t believe my ears. That huge debt was for nothing!

Matilda: Ah! What a fool I was! Why it didn’t strike me that I should have checked it once with Mme Forestier.

M Loisel: Unbelievable! Did you ask her or did she tell it herself? I mean how the topic started.

Matilda: When I greeted her, she could not recognise me. And the story began from there. Meanwhile, she disclosed that the necklace was not of a real diamond.

M Loisel: We can do nothing now. It is gone.

Matilda: Why not? We can ask her to give back our real diamond. She is a genuine lady and a good friend of mine.

M Loisel: Do as you wish.

The Necklace Long Question Answer | CBSE Question Bank Fully Solved

Q12 Answer in 100-120 words
i Your teacher conducted Turn Tables in class, and asked you to put forth your views on ‘Frugality in Life is the Ideal Way to Live’.
Write the debate script with points to supplement your stand, both for and against the motion and conclude with your own views.

ANS: Debate ‘Frugality in Life is the Ideal Way to Live’

I have always heard from my parents that a penny saved is a penny earned. For many years, I did not like their idealism of spendthriftness. If we have the resources we should use them fully because life is so uncertain. Moreover, a phase in life gone never comes back. So, one should have a big heart to enjoy life to the fullest. But, life taught me a lesson when Covid 19 hit the world and specifically my family badly. During that time the money that my parents saved miserly helped us to sustain. Now, I had understood that we should not waste our resources unnecessarily. If we adopt minimalism, we can help the poor and needy and hence the nation. Spending money on useless things does not serve any purpose. Money keeps changing hands. Life is so uncertain, but today’s meagre savings can become a great reliever in times of need. So, I believe that ‘Frugality in Life is the ideal way to live’.

ii One of your friends has to attend a class party at his / her school and wants to purchase the most expensive clothes and shoes. He/ She feels that this would make him/ her stand out in the crowd.
You receive a call from your friend seeking advice on this matter. Write down that telephone conversation between your friend and yourself.

You may begin this way:

Friend: Hey, I want an honest opinion from you. Will you please help me?
You: …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
Friend: So, there’s this class party I have to attend. It’s a big deal!
You: ……

Friend: Hey, I want an honest opinion from you. Will you please help me?

You: Anytime, We are true friends and you can always count on me.

Friend: So, there’s this class party I have to attend. It’s a big deal!

You: I know it’s your farewell party and you want to shine out amid the crowd…

Friend: You know me well. Now, I can easily convince my papa to buy me that blazer for 10000 rupees.

You: Hey, hold on! Let me finish. I want to say that you are already a gem whose shine pervades the whole school.

Friend: Hey, don’t move round and round, come straight.

You: I want to say that you have been a meritorious student of your school. All the teachers and students already know your calibre. You don’t need any fancy clothes or accessories for that. You have a decent reputation among all. The blazer that you purchased for your cousin’s marriage will suffice.
Besides, you can use this money to enrol for the Digital Marketing course that you were yearning for the last six months.

Friend: You have suggested a great idea. I will definitely take it seriously. Good Bye!

iii Read the following quote.
“We are too involved in materialistic things, and they don’t satisfy us. The loving relationships we
have, the universe around us, we take these things for granted.” – Mitch Albom Matilda was never satisfied with her life and desired more. The given quote reflects her character. Justify.

ANS: Despite having a mediocre lifestyle, Matilda was always full of complaints. She always longed for luxuries in life. She wanted to look the most beautiful at the ball. For that, she insisted her husband buy her a pretty dress, which he somehow managed. Matilda was still dissatisfied and borrowed a necklace from her friend. She didn’t want to understand the fact that materialistic things create a vicious circle around us and do not let satisfaction come in. Coincidentally, the necklace was lost and Matilda and Loisel were forced to lead a life of hardships for years to repay for that necklace. Rather than focusing on fancy things people should try to understand the real love and beauty in relations that bring ultimate happiness forever.

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