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Multiple Choice Questions based on an extract
(A) Max was slender, a little less than tall, with features that suggested slightly the crafty, pointed countenance of a fox. There was about him — aside from the gun — nothing especially menacing. “The report,” he murmured. “The report that is being brought to you tonight concerning some new missiles. I thought I would take it from you. It will be safer in my hands than in yours.” Ausable moved to an armchair and sat down heavily. “I’m going to raise the devil with the management this time, and you can bet on it,” he said grimly. “This is the second time in a month that somebody has got into my room through that nuisance of a balcony!”

i Owning a gun gave a menacing impression to Max’s character because
a) a gun is only used by police officials.
b) he was carrying it without any official license.
c) a gun has a threatening implication.
d) the gun was particularly huge.

ii Choose the option that displays the correct analogy.
a) crafty : fox :: menacing : gun
b) report : missile :: management : devil
c) crafty : fox :: management : balcony
d) armchair : grim :: balcony : nuisance

iii Choose the part of the house through which Ausable thought Maxwell had entered his room.

The Midnight Visitor Multiple Choice Questions Class 10

a) Option 1
b) Option 2
c) Option 3
d) Option 4

iv Delnaaz is a new tenant in her locality and Mrs Mehta is the landlady. Choose the option that lists an action that would require Mrs Mehta to ‘raise the devil’ with Delnaaz.

  1. She uses the elevator five times a day.
  2. She feeds the stray dogs in the street.
  3. She works late at night and stays home in the afternoon only.
  4. She plays music louder than is necessary late into the night.

a) Option 1
b) Option 2
c) Option 3
d) Option 4

v Which word replaces ‘sat down heavily’ in the sentence—’Ausable moved to an armchair and sat down heavily’?
a) dumped.
b) flumped.
c) pumped.
d) jumped.

vi Extra Q: Ausable’s annoyance at the balcony when he says, “…nuisance of a balcony…” could be called fake, keeping in mind that
a) Max was the second person to enter the room through it.
b) his balcony was easy enough that anyone could break through it.
c) he later admitted that there was no balcony at all.
d) he wanted to make a spy-like impression in front of Fowler.

(A) Answer Key for The Midnight Visitor Multiple Choice Questions Class 10

i. c
ii. a
iii. b
iv. d
v. b
vi. c

(B) Ausable did not fit any description of a secret agent Fowler had ever read. Following him down the musty corridor of the gloomy French hotel where Ausable had a room, Fowler felt let down. It was a small room, on the sixth and top floor, and scarcely a setting for a romantic adventure. Ausable was, for one thing, fat. Very fat. And then there was his accent. Though he spoke French and German passably, he had never altogether lost the American accent he had brought to Paris from Boston twenty years ago. “You are disappointed,” Ausable said wheezily over his shoulder.

i “Following him down the musty corridor of the gloomy French hotel where Ausable had a room…” Choose the correct option to replace the underlined words.
a) expansive, abnormal
b) lighted; formal
c) damp; dingy
d) uncanny; smart

ii Amy is an American woman who teaches French and German in a primary school. This means that Amy is
a) an empathetic teacher.
b) a rational human being.
c) an experienced guide.
d) a multilingual instructor.

iii It can be inferred from the extract that a secret agent is expected to be
1) fit.
2) compassionate.
3) apologetic.
4) suave.
5) violent.

a) Option 1, 3 & 5
b) Option 1 & 4
c) Option 2 ,4 & 5
d) Option 2 & 3

iv The reason Fowler was disappointed by Ausable when he met him was that Ausable
a) lived in a shady French hotel.
b) was related to the cops.
c) didn’t have the personality of a spy.
d) had a very strange accent.

v Choose the option that lists the INCORRECT statements about the given passage.

  1. Fowler had no expectations at all from Ausable.
  2. Fowler was elated when he met Ausable.
  3. Ausable was living in France as a spy.
  4. Ausable had acquired the French accent over twenty years ago.

a) 1, 2
b) 3, 4
c) 1, 3
d) 2, 4

(B) Answer Key for The Midnight Visitor Multiple Choice Questions Class 10

i. c
ii. d
iii. b
iv. c
v. d

Q10 Answer in 20-30 words

i Discuss, briefly, the reasons owing to which Fowler was interested in meeting Ausable.

ANS: Fowler was a writer by profession. He wanted to meet Ausable, a secret agent, to learn about his interesting cases and how he solved them. He might be interested to use the information in creating his stories or drama.

ii Ausable was always one step ahead of everyone. Highlight any two instances from “The Midnight Visitor” when this holds true.

ANS: In the first instance, Ausable guessed rightly what was going on in Fowler’s mind even in their first meeting. Later on, very cleverly he framed a story on the spur of the moment to move Max out of the room by telling him the fake incident of the balcony and the intruder.

iii Henry unintentionally saved Ausable’s life. Briefly comment.

ANS: Henry had come to serve water in the room. But, Ausable took the benefit of his knocking at the door. He warned Max that it was the police and he would be caught soon if he did not jump out of the window. In this way, Ausable was saved by Henry, though, intentionally.

iv Ausable displays an acute sense of awareness of his surroundings. Justify with any two instances from the text.

ANS: Ausable displayed an acute sense of awareness of his surroundings during two incidences. He was fully aware of his hotel room’s entrance and exit. He confirmed it already that his room did not have an attached balcony. He had calculated well in advance the time for the waiter’s arrival for room service.

Q11 Answer in 40-50 words
i Fowler’s day took a one-eighty-degree turn by the end of the evening. Examine the statement with reference to “The Midnight Visitor”.

ANS: Fowler’s day took a complete turn by the end of the evening due to the unexpected and dangerous situation he found himself in with Ausable and Max. From a seemingly ordinary evening, Fowler was thrown into a tense and life-threatening situation that completely changed the course of his day.

ii “Stereotypes are often misleading”. Elaborate on the given quote in the context of “The Midnight Visitor”.

ANS: The quote “Stereotypes are often misleading” implies that making assumptions about people based on their appearance or other superficial characteristics can be inaccurate and even harmful. In the context of “The Midnight Visitor” story by Robert Arthur, Ausable’s physical appearance as a portly man initially leads Fowler to underestimate him and doubt his credentials as a secret agent. However, Ausable’s quick thinking and deception skills enable him to outsmart Max and escape the dangerous situation.

iii Max was unprepared for his mission. Discuss with reference to the chapter “The Midnight Visitor”.

ANS : In “The Midnight Visitor” by Robert Arthur, Max, the escaped convict, appears unprepared for his mission to retrieve sensitive papers from Ausable. Max’s impulsive behaviour and lack of planning lead to his downfall as he falls for Ausable’s fabricated story and jumps to his death.

iv “Attack is the secret of defence.” Justify the statement in the case of Ausable.

ANS: In “The Midnight Visitor” story by Robert Arthur, Ausable demonstrates that attack can indeed be the secret of defence. When Max enters his hotel room at gunpoint, Ausable takes the initiative to create a fabricated story and deceive Max, ultimately turning the tables. Ausable’s intelligent approach proves to be a successful defence against Max’s aggression.

The Midnight Visitor Question Bank Class 10 English

Q12 Answer in 100-120 words

i Ausable’s employer has been asked to write a recommendation letter for Ausable so that he may be promoted to a higher rank in secret services. As his manager, draft the letter detailing his personality traits with reference to the instance in the chapter as a prime example of Ausable’s genius. You may begin this way:
22, rue Nationale
26 March 78
The General Director
Department for Internal Security
11-A, Rue de Dunkerque
Subject: Letter of Recommendation
This is to state that Monsieur Ausable has been a committed employee with us for the past two years. In this time, he has ………………………………(continue)…………………………
Yours sincerely


Here is a letter of recommendation for Ausable:

22, rue Nationale
26 March 78

The General Director Department for Internal Security
11-A, Rue de Dunkerque

Subject: Letter of Recommendation

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to recommend Monsieur Ausable for a higher rank in the secret services. As his manager for the past two years, I can say that Ausable is a highly intelligent and resourceful individual who possesses excellent critical thinking and problem-solving skills. His ability to stay calm under pressure is admirable.

In particular, I would like to draw your attention to an incident that occurred recently, A convict unexpectedly entered his room and took him to gunpoint. Ausable fabricated a story to convince the convict that there was a balcony outside his room (which was actually not there). Believing him the convict jumped out of the window to hide from the police but fell on the floor and died. Ausable managed to save his own life, Fowler – a writer’s life and important documents from stealing.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Ausable for a promotion to a higher rank in secret services. He has the skills, experience, and dedication to excel in any role, and I am confident that he will be an asset to your team.


ii A new secret agent has asked Ausable’s opinion on the traits they should be looking for in a person filling in his shoes. Create a conversation between Ausable and the new agent about indispensable traits that a secret agent must

ANS: Conversation Between Ausable and a new secret agent –

New Agent: Ausable, as a seasoned secret agent, what traits do you believe are essential ina detective?

Ausable: Well, first and foremost, a secret agent must have excellent problem-solving skills. You never know what kind of situation you’ll find yourself in, so the ability to think on your feet is crucial.

New Agent: That makes sense. What other traits do you think are important?

Ausable: Adaptability is also key. A secret agent must be able to adjust to any environment or scenario quickly.

New Agent: What about physical fitness?

Ausable: Of course, physical fitness is also essential. A secret agent must have the stamina to endure long hours and physically demanding situations.

New Agent: Anything else?

Ausable: Yes, a secret agent must stay mentally alert for 24 hours.

New Agent: Thank you for your insight, Ausable. I will keep these traits in mind as I work towards filling your shoes.

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