The Hack Driver CBSE Question Bank 2021 Fully Solved

The following questions from The Hack Driver Class 10 have been asked in CBSE Question Bank 2021. It includes MCQ, very short, short and long questions. All the answers are fully solved. Students should try to write their own answers on the basis of their understanding and perception. Besides practising Term 2 Hack Driver Extra Questions you should thoroughly read the lesson to score good marks in your exam.

Class 10 The Hack Driver Question Bank 2021 | Term 2 The Hack Driver Extra Questions

L-8 The Hack Driver MCQ Footprints Without Feet Class 10
Q3 (A) Multiple Choice Questions based on an extract
After graduating with honours, I became a junior assistant clerk in a magnificent law firm. I was sent, not to prepare legal briefs, but to serve summons, like a cheap private detective. I had to go to the dirty and shadowy corners of the city to seek out my victims. Some of the larger and more self-confident ones even beat me up. I hated this unpleasant work, and the side of city life it revealed to me.

i The law firm that the narrator joined was
a) splendid.
b) philanthropic.
c) reputable.
d) contemporary.

ii ‘Like a cheap private detective’ is a reference to the fact that the speaker?
a) wasn’t drawing as good a salary as a detective.
b) was upset about working in the private sector.
c) wasn’t trying to be an established detective.
d) was disappointed with his allotted work.

iii Which of the following options was NOT a part of this unpleasant work?
a) searching for law-breakers.
b) serving summons.
c) getting beaten up.
d) preparing legal documents.

iv The shadowy corners of the city conjure up images of places?
a) with many trees to provide shade.
b) where crime is not uncommon.
c) which receive absolutely no sunlight.
d) with tall buildings and their shadows.

v Choose the option that is NOT TRUE.
The speaker found this side of the city life unpleasant because it revealed people who had
a) robbed others of their belongings.
b) threatened others.
c) swindled the innocent.
d) served summons for a case.

The Hack Driver MCQ Answers (3 A)

i) a
ii) d
iii) d
iv) b
v) a

The Hack Driver Extract Based MCQ 3B
Fritz looked at me, hiding behind Bill. He hesitated, and then admitted, “Yes, he was in here a little while ago. Guess he’s gone over to Gustaff’s to get a shave.” “Well, if he comes in, tell him I’m looking for him.” We drove to Gustaff’s barbershop. Again, Bill went in first, and I lingered at the door. He asked not only the Swede but two customers if they had seen Lutkins. The Swede had not. He said angrily, “I haven’t seen him, and don’t care to. But if you find him you can just collect that dollar thirty-five, he owes me.” One of the customers thought he had seen Lutkins walking down Main Street, this side of the hotel.

i Fritz’s hesitation was on account of wanting to
a) take a moment to comprehend and fall in with the prank.
b) understand what was being asked and answer accordingly.
c) pretend ignorance at the question asked to waste time.
d) confirm that it was him being addressed, before replying.

ii The narrator lingered at the door while Bill went in first and made enquiries. Pick up the option that does not correctly use the word ‘linger’ in the sentence:
a) It’s best if you can linger in the lobby while I get my luggage.
b) I blurted out the final question that had been lingering in my mind.
c) If a customer lingers over a product, the cameras zoom in to record facial expressions.
d) Mom reminded us that household business cannot linger hastily.

iii The narrator hovered near the door because he
a) wanted to eavesdrop on the conversation.
b) didn’t trust Bill to enquire sternly.
c) had been asked to remain there by Bill.
d) found the interior too stuffy.

iv One person mentioned that he had seen Lutkins walking down Main Street. This was an example of
a) being taken to the cleaners.
b) sending someone on a wild goose chase.
c) stretching the truth.
d) Making scales fall off someone’s eyes.

v The extract is an example of writing in the style of a/n
a) personal narrative.
b) biography.
c) historical fiction.
d) research article.

The Hack Driver MCQ Answers (3B)

i) a
ii) d
iii) c
iv) b
v) a

Q10 The Hack Driver Short Question Answer (20-30 words) | Class 10 Term 2 Competency Based Questions

i Explain how the narrator’s expectations fell short of what he’d expected when he was sent to New Mullion?

ANS: He expected New Mullion to be a sweet and simple country village. But, he found only muddy streets and paintless wooden shops there. He was very disappointed on seeing New Mullion.

ii What about the delivery man appealed to the young junior assistant clerk from the city?

ANS: The delivery man’s helpfulness and friendly behaviour appealed to the young junior clerk from the city.

iii Explain why Bill’s offer wasn’t ‘entirely a matter of brotherly love?

ANS: Bill’s offer wasn’t ‘entirely a matter of brotherly love because he charged the narrator half a dollar for homemade lunch and 2 dollars per hour for a ride in his hack.

iv What do you think inspired the minister’s wife to sing the loudest in church when she was most in debt?

ANS: I think the minister’s wife sang the loudest in the church to let out her frustration and pain of debt to get herself a sigh of relief. Silence brings depression whereas speech is a gateway to vent out sadness.


She might have sung the loudest so that God could hear her plea and give her money so that she could pay off her borrowings.

v The young man earned for himself the ire of his office people on his return from New Mullion. Explain why.

ANS: The young man was expected to bring Oliver Lutkins with him for court’s hearings. But, he could not find Lutkins in the new Mullion and came empty-handed. That’s why the office people were angry with him.

The Hack Driver Subjective Questions

Q11 Answer in 40-50 words
i Do you agree that the expression—taken for a ride— fits this story like a glove? Why/why not?

ANS: The expression ‘taken for a ride’ completely gloves the story. Literally, the narrator was taken for a ride by the hack driver Bill. But, idiomatically he was deceived and befooled by Oliver Lutkins in the disguise of Bill. For six hours Lutkins kept telling fake stories to the narrator but the narrator did not doubt him even once. Rather he paid him for those six hours spent in his cart.

ii ‘Bill made me sound very important, and the woman was impressed.’
a) Why did this particularly gladden the narrator’s heart?

ANS: The hack driver introduced the narrator as a representative of the law court in the city to the woman. He said that he had got all the rights to search all properties of Oliver Lutkins. His description depicted the narrator as a big and important lawyer that made him happy as he always wanted himself to be called a lawyer instead of a junior assistant clerk, serving summons to people.

b) What does it tell us about human nature and the young man in particular?

ANS: It tells us that humans are always hungry for appreciation and admiration. Flattery and exaggeration are often used by people to impress others to avail themselves of any favour from them. The story in particular explains how Lutkins gained the narrator’s trust and confidence by giving him false respect and appreciation in front of his mother. Evidently, the young man was an immature and unprofessional lawyer.

iii Oliver Lutkins had to be served the summons to appear as a witness in a law case. Why do you think he had ignored all their letters thus far and successfully thwarted their attempt at serving summons?

ANS: Oliver had ignored all their summon letters and managed to successfully thwart their attempts at serving summons on him by using his witty mind and tricks. I think he wanted to avoid court and law cases to stay away from legal complications. Generally, people do not want to get involved in others’ legal matters as it may risk their own life, name and sometimes money.

Hint: Nothing has been said regarding it in the lesson. It is a general perception based question.

Q12 The Hack Driver Term 2 Long Questions Answer (100-120 words)

i It would have been very easy for anyone to spoil Lutkins’ game, but no one did.
a) Why do you think everyone joined hands with him?

ANS: I think everyone joined hands with Oliver to enjoy the fun by befooling a simpleton. It shows that the villagers, like Oliver, were witty and sharp-minded. Nobody spoilt Lutkin’s game to avoid upsetting him as he was a popular man in the village. Moreover, people tend to help their neighbours and relatives first rather than a stranger.

b) What does it reveal about Oliver?

ANS: It reveals that Oliver had been living there for a long time and he had good relations with everyone in the village. It also shows that Oliver was a tricky man who could get things done by people in his own way even at the slightest hint.

Q ii Lutkins’ neighbours had missed seeing the narrator on his first visit. Create a dialogue between the neighbour, Jasper and Lutkins wherein Jasper expresses his disappointment and Lutkins shares his insights and opinions about the narrator.

ANS: Dialogue between Neighbour Jasper and Lutkins

Jasper: Hi! Oliver, where is that lawyer from the city court?
Lutkins: Ha.ha.ha…He was not a lawyer…he came here to serve me the summons. He was a fool. He went back yesterday itself.
Jasper: How did you manage to do that?
Lutkins: You know me well. But this time it was super easy. In fact, I made good money from him.
Jasper: Great, you have got wits. I missed out on meeting him.
Lutkins: Why did you want to meet him? There was nothing special about him.
Jasper: Just out of general curiosity.
Lutkins: He was a total dumbo. Not at all professional. He believed me like a brother. All through the day, he did not doubt me even once. He must have had been rebuked by his boss.
Jasper: ha..ha…ha…He will never look towards New mullion again.
Lutkins: ha..ha…ha…you are right…

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