The chart gives the percentage of social media users by age… (Solution)

Topic: Analytical Paragraph
CBSE Class 10 English Writing Section)
Source: Board Question Paper 2022-23

The chart below gives the percentage of social media users by age in India in 2020. Write a paragraph analysing the given information, drawing comparisons among different age groups in 100-120 words.

The chart below gives the percentage of social media... (Solution)

Analytical Paragraph Sample Answer 1

The chart provides a breakdown of the percentage of social media users by age group in India in 2020 for six online activities: getting news, playing online games, downloading, researching a product, buying a product, and searching for people. Teenagers show a higher inclination towards online gaming and accessing news while displaying less interest in product research and searching for people. Individuals in their 20s primarily focus on product research and online buying, in addition to getting news and gaming. Age groups in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s exhibit a similar pattern, with a higher emphasis on accessing news and conducting online research and purchases. As age increases, gaming and downloads decrease, but individuals in their 70s show an unexpected increase in gaming. Overall, it can be concluded that teenagers are primarily interested in online gaming and downloads, while the mid-age youth and older generations display diverse interests across all other activities.
Word Count: 119 words

Sample Answer 2

The data presents a clear picture of the variations in social media usage and online activities among different age groups in India. Younger individuals, specifically teenagers and those in their 20s, exhibit a higher level of engagement in online gaming and product research. Conversely, older age groups, particularly individuals in their 50s and 60s, demonstrate a lower degree of involvement in these activities. However, accessing news online remains consistently popular across all age groups. These findings highlight the importance of considering age demographics when developing marketing strategies and designing social media platforms.
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