Thanks Giving Speech by Class Prefect | Speech by Class Representative

After winning the school assembly elections and getting selected as the school prefect or the council member, you should express your gratitude in a way that should improve your personality and popularity further. If you are in the search of a thanksgiving speech for the school prefect then these templates might prove useful to you. If you are fighting for a class representative post then this speech for the CR election might come to your rescue.

Thanks Giving Speech after getting selected as School Prefect | Speech by Class Representative (CR)

1st Speech

Good Morning to all present here.
First of all, I thank you all for keeping faith in me and selecting me for the post of senior prefect. As per the Collins Dictionary – a ‘Prefect’ refers to the person appointed to any position of command, authority or superintendence.

Now, that I have been elected as a school prefect, authority and command come automatically to me. But I have always heard that ‘a coin has two sides’. For me, responsibility comes before authority.

Being the students’ representative it is my duty to keep control of students’ actions and behaviour. To maintain that control or discipline I may seem hard or rigid to you sometimes, but to fulfil my duties I need your support and cooperation.

We will work together to take our school to the top in academics. That doesn’t mean we will compromise on sports and other extracurricular activities. Our school has excellent past records in Basketball and we will maintain that. I Rohan Taneja take an oath with my council members that I will fulfil my promises to the best of my position.
Once again thank you all for accepting me as your representative.

Class Prefect Speech after Winning School Election

2nd Speech

A pleasant morning to everyone.

Today is the day to express my gratitude to all of you who have voted for me. And those who didn’t vote for me, I assure them that their reasons for not voting for me would be proved wrong. I am humbled by the trust and faith shown by all of you. As I take the oath of being truthful and just, I promise you that I will do everything within my capacity to make your school life joyful and fruitful. 

I want to take all of you along with me and embark on this journey to groom ourselves into responsible students of this great school. When I talk about being responsible, its scope is not only limited to academics and grades, but it also includes discipline and values upheld by our school. As the head of the student body, I pledge to do justice to everyone.  I am one among you, so I am not perfect but together we will take this school to greater heights by working towards a common goal of uplifting ourselves and those around us. For no one can progress in isolation, change becomes visible only when it is adopted by all. We are the brand ambassadors of this school and have to take its illustrious legacy forward.

So, let’s join our hands and work together towards a common goal. 

Thank you.

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