CBSE Class 10 English Term 2 Sample Paper Fully Solved

Today, we are going to practise the latest CBSE sample paper for the class 10 English Term 2 exam. If you want to score full marks, you have to follow this pattern of sample paper where no MCQ is asked, only the subjective answers will make up the whole paper. This year onwards students won’t get any marks if they copy the bookish language in their answer sheet. You have to use functional language in the answers and organise them effectively. In order to understand how to write Term 2 answers, you should go through CBSE MS (Marking Scheme).

We believe that students need to be spoon-fed initially only to make them learn something new. That’s why we have included this fully solved Term 2 sample paper so that students can get an idea about how to start a particular answer. After learning the basic concepts we will provide you with the latest and most tricky questions to let you figure out your calibre.

CBSE Class 10 English Term 2 Sample Paper Answer Key


CBSE Term 2 Discursive Passage with Subjective Answers

Technology is making advancements at a rapid rate but at the cost of a valued tradition—the crafts industry. The traditional crafts industry is losing a lot of its trained and skilled craftsmen. With that, the art of embellishing brass and copper utensils with fine engravings is also disappearing. The government has identified around 35 crafts as languishing crafts.

The speciality of handcrafted items is their design, an association with long traditions belonging to a specific region. The word ‘handcrafted’ does not imply the involvement of dexterous human fingers or an agile mind with a moving spirit anymore. Lessening drudgery, increasing production and promoting efficiency have taken precedence. The labour-saving devices are taking the place of handcrafted tools and this has jeopardized the skills of these artisans.

Mechanisation has made its way into everything – cutting, polishing, edging, designing etc. Ideally, the use of machinery should be negligible and the handicrafts should be made purely by hand with a distinguishable artistic appeal. However, with the exception of small-scale industries, the export units are mostly operated by machines. The heavily computerised designs contribute to faster production at lower costs.

Although mechanization of crafts poses a challenge to safeguarding traditional crafts, the artisans are lured with incentives in order to impart handicrafts training. Some makers do see machines as a time-saving blessing since they are now able to accomplish difficult and demanding tasks with relative ease. These machines might give a better finesse to these products but they don’t stand out as handcrafted. The quantity has overtaken quality in this industry.

A need to highlight the importance of the handmade aspect is required by both the government and private sectors, in order to amplify awareness and also support the culture of making handicrafts. A few artisans are still trying their best to rejuvenate and revive their culture and heritage but it’s an uphill task competing with the machine-made goods. A multitude of artisans have changed their professions and are encouraging their progeny to follow suit. There are others who have stayed their ground but are clearly inclined towards buying machines.

Nearly two decades ago, there were around 65 lakh artisans in the country. Three years ago, when the government started the process of granting a unique number to the artisans based on the Aadhaar card, 25 lakhs were identified. Loss of traditional crafts is clearly a worrying issue, but it stands to reason that forcing any artisan to follow old ways when concerns of livelihood overrule other considerations, is unfair.
Source: CBSE

Adapted from:

Word – Meaning

Drudgerydonkeywork, hard and boring routine work
Languishingnot making any progress for a long time
jeopardizeto put something in danger
progenykids, children, offspring
lured with incentivesto persuade someone to do something by giving/offering nice things

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer ANY FIVE questions from the six given below. Each question carries 1 mark.

i. What does the writer mean by calling handicrafts a ‘valued tradition’?

ANS: The writer means to say that handicrafts preserve rich traditional art, heritage and culture, traditional skills and talents which are associated with people’s lifestyle and history.

ii. Rewrite the following sentence by replacing the underlined phrase with a word that means the same from lines 5– 15.
If it continues, the workcation (work + vacation) trend will be a powerful boost to domestic tourism operators failing to make progress in the economic slump caused due to the pandemic.

ANS: If it continues, the workcation (work + vacation) trend will be a powerful boost to domestic tourism operators languishing in the economic slump caused due to the pandemic.

iii. State any two reasons why artisans are choosing to work via machines rather than handcrafted tools?

ANS: Artisans are choosing to work via machines because machines are time-saving and easy. The products made with machines might give better finesse than handcrafted products.
Hint: Saves labour / reduces drudgery / increases production / finesse / efficiency

iv. Why do the artisans need to be ‘lured with incentives’ to impart handicrafts training?

ANS: Most handicraft artisans are poor and struggle to make their ends meet. If artisans impart training to
mass/bulk producers, they run the risk of losing their traditional livelihood to them and hence need to be tempted via benefits, to do so.

v. List one likely impact of the support of government and private sectors towards the culture of making handicrafts.

ANS: Government and private sector’s support might leave a positive impact on retaining the number of artisans that is reducing with the passage of time. Consequently, they would not change their professions expecting better livelihoods.

vi. How does the writer justify an artist’s act of abandoning her/his traditional craft for a more lucrative option?

ANS: The author says that it is unfair to force the artisans to follow old ways if they are unable to earn a bare livelihood from those traditional ways of handicrafts. Nobody likes to follow an unprofitable profession.

Miss Universe Harnaz Sandhu Unseen Passage for Term 2

CBSE Term 2 Case Based Unseen Passage Answer Key

Read the following excerpt from a case study titled Impacts of Festivities on Ecology.

Festivals are synonymous with celebration, ceremony and joy. However, festivals bring to fore the flip side of celebrations – pollution – air, water, soil and noise. This led to the need of assessing the awareness level among people about ecological pollution during festivals. So, a study was conducted by scholars of an esteemed university in India. This study was titled Awareness Towards Impact of Festivals on Ecology.

There were two main objectives of the study. The first one was to assess the awareness level among people about ecological protection during festivities. Exploring solutions to bring awareness about celebrating festivals without harming ecology was the second objective. The method used to collect data was a simple questionnaire containing 6 questions, shared with 50 respondents across four selected districts of a state in the southern region of India.

The research began by understanding the socio-economic conditions of the respondents before sharing the questionnaire. Once the responses were received, the data collected were tabulated (Table 1), for analysis.

Table-1: Awareness level among respondents

QuestionsYes %No %Can’t Say %
1. Do you feel that bursting crackers is a must during festivities?46540
2. Do you think most people abuse environmental resources during the celebration of festivals?72280
3. Do you think that celebrations & festivities result in uniting people?64324
4. Do you enjoy bursting crackers for amusement?68320
5. Do you feel pressured to burst crackers during festivals as an expectation of your
social status?
6. Are you aware of waste segregation & disposal guidelines for better ecology?56404

The study recommended the imposition of strict rules and regulations as opposed to a total ban on all festive activities which have a drastic impact on our environment. The researchers believed that such measures would help in harnessing some ill-effects that add to the growing pollution and suggested further studies be taken up across the country to assess awareness about ecological degradation.

The observations made in the study pointed to the environmental groups and eco-clubs fighting a losing battle due to city traffic issues, disposal of plastics, garbage dumping and all sorts of ecological degradation. The researchers stressed that the need of the hour is increasing awareness among people to reduce environmental pollution which can be facilitated by celebrating all festivals in an eco-friendly manner.

Largely adapted from

On the basis of your understanding of the passage, answer ANY FIVE questions from the six given below. 1*5

i Why do the researchers call pollution the ‘flip side’ of festivals?

ANS: With the celebration of festivals we unintentionally pollute our ecology by throwing leftovers in water, bursting crackers in the air and playing loud music. It is an inseparable yet ignored side of festivals. That’s why pollution is called the flip side of festivals.

ii Comment on the significance of the second objective of the study with reference to lines 7-12.

ANS: The second objective tries to explore solutions by focusing on what needs to be avoided and corrected to solve the problem of pollution during festivals.

iii Justify the researchers’ recommendation for limiting the drastic impact of festival pollution on the environment with reference to lines 16-21.

ANS: The researchers’ recommendation of imposing strict laws and regulations opposed to strict ban is justified because a complete ban may induce people to revolt. Moreover, total banning does not create awareness among people to save the environment.

iv Why do the researchers feel that environmental groups and eco-clubs are fighting a losing battle in the given scenario?

ANS: Environmental groups and Eco clubs are putting in a lot of money and effort to save the environment. But, their work goes wasted when people harm the ecology in the name of festivals. That’s why the researchers feel that these groups are fighting a losing battle.

v Even though a larger number of people say ‘no’ to bursting crackers than those who say ‘yes’, festival pollution persists. How does evidence from table 1 support this statement?

ANS: Although 54% of people accept that bursting crackers is not important, still 82% of them feel pressured to burst crackers to show off their status. Out of total respondents, 68% enjoy bursting crackers for amusement and do not try to limit the use of polluting agents.

vi What purpose does the ‘Can’t Say’ column serve in the questionnaire (table 1)?

ANS: It allows the respondents not to answer any question if they are unsure about it or lacks information about it or if they do not want to reveal their preferences.


Term 2 Analytical Paragraph Solution

3 Attempt ANYONE from i and ii.

i. Study the concept chart from the self-help magazine section of a monthly publication. Write a paragraph in not more than 120 words, analysing the listed responses to the situation when one faces setbacks.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png
Term 2 Concept Chart

Analytical Paragraph Sample Answer

The concept chart displays two ways to handle setbacks. Setbacks that bring unhappiness with them can be processed in two ways – healthy and unhealthy.
Healthy processing helps one learn from failures and to let go of the emotions inside by keeping a positive attitude. The difficulty level of the failed work can be reassessed to find the likelihood of success in future. On the contrary, unhealthy processing directs towards blocked learning or blocked feeling. Unacceptance of failure may create self-doubt and self-criticism, which can trigger more anger or depression.
It is evident from the chart that responding to setbacks negatively leads to a vicious cycle of undesirable feelings.

How to write Analytical Paragraph
Common Mistakes in Analytical Paragraph


Read the following excerpt from an article that appeared in a monthly newsletter circulated among residents of a township.

The by-laws of some residential associations and management that ban owners and tenants from keeping pets in their apartments are justified. Write a paragraph to analyse the given argument. You could think about what alternative explanations might weaken the given conclusion and include rationale/evidence that would strengthen/counter the given argument.

Excerpt Writing Solution

I totally disagree with the statement given above. It is not at all justified to ban or forbid someone from keeping pets. Moreover, living in a democratic country means one can live with the companions of their choice. The animals do not harm others unless people agitate them. Rather, animals are unconditional lovers. In addition to that pets, and animals fill the void in the lives of people living alone. Society members instead of fearing the pets should accept them as new family members. Besides, properly vaccinated domesticated animals are not a threat to the residents’ health.

How to Write an Excerpt Analysis

Term 2 Enquiry Letter Solution Board Game Competition

ii You are Samina Zaveri, Class X, Vadodara, Gujarat. You come across the following information on a local library’s notice board. You wish to participate but require more information. Write a letter to Teen-Toggle Games Pvt.Ltd in about 120 words, enquiring about rules, scholarship details and deadlines. Also, enquire about specifications for solo or group entries.

Create Your Own Board Game Competition!

Create an educational board game, and send it to us at Teen-Toggle
Games Pvt. Ltd, 307, Satija building, Colaba, Mumbai by July 2022. The
top 10 winning board games will be featured on our international portal.
Attractive scholarships for the winners

Samina Zaveri
Vadodra, Gujarat

Date: Jan 20, 2022

The Manager
Teen-Toggle Games Pvt Ltd
Satija Building
Colaba, Mumbai

Subject: Enquiry about Board Game Competition

Dear Sir /Madam,
This is with reference to a Board Game competition notice on the local library notice board. I am highly interested in participating in the Boardgame competition but need detailed information that is lacking in the notice. I visited your website also but could not find much information about the competition. I wish to know all the rules and regulations of the competition before getting myself registered for it. It will be helpful if you could let me know in detail about the scholarships awarded to the winners. Moreover, I am unsure if I can send group entries or if only the solo entries will be accepted.
I request you to specify the deadline of the competitions so that my entry reaches well before time. Hoping to get your reply as soon as possible.

Thanking You
Yours Truly
Samina Zaveri

Term 2 Error Correction

4 The following paragraph has not been edited. There is one error in each line. Identify the error and write its correction against the correct blank number. Remember to underline the correction. The first one has been done for you.

Have you ever learn from a mistake you have made?E.g. learn learnt
Many shouldn’t admit doing so. For those who do, a)
there was no need for guilt. We often make mistakes b)
while taking risks, but all brush them aside and learn. c)
With that, they usually don’t make mistakes the next time.

Error Correction Answer Key

a) shouldn’t wouldn’t / won’t / don’t
b) was is
c) all some / many / few

Term 2 Direct Indirect Question Fully Solved | Narration | Reported Speech

5 Read the conversation between a teacher and student and complete the passage that follows.

Biology Teacher: I instructed you to draw the diagram of bacteria. Why did you submit a blank sheet?
Sameer: Sir, I had drawn the diagram of bacteria, but you can’t see it because it is not visible to the naked eye.

The biology teacher had instructed Sameer to draw the diagram of a bacterial cell and asked him (a) ……………………………………………a blank sheet. Sameer respectfully answered that he had drawn the diagram but (b) ……………………………………………………to the naked eye.

Narration Answer Key –

(a) why he had submitted a blank sheet
(b) he/she could not see it because it is not visible to the naked eye.


Term 2 Short Question Answer Fully Solved

Answer ANY SIX questions in 30-40 words each. 2*6

i. What is the significance of the Buddha’s request for a handful of mustard seeds and the addition of a condition to it?

ANS: Buddha’s request for a handful of mustard seeds looks simple due to the easy availability of mustards in every house. But the condition to procure them from a house where no one had died was attached to make Kisa Gautami realise that death is the ultimate reality of life and no one escapes it.

ii. Justify how ‘Animals’ by Walt Whitman is a criticism of mankind and its ways?

ANS: ‘Animals’ poem by the poet is a direct criticism of mankind because the poet wishes to leave the humans and join the animals. He finds them contended whereas humans are always full of complaints. According to the poet, human society believes in fake displays in contrast to animals who are true and genuine. 

iii. Comment on the tone of the speaker when she says ‘Will you please look at me when I’m speaking to you, Amanda!’.

ANS: The speaker here is annoyed, irritated and frustrated with Amanda because she does not listen to her yelling parent even after repeated instructions. The exclamation mark suggests the inherent emotions of the speaker. 

iv. A ballad includes the telling of a tale as well as a surprise ending. Using evidence from the poem, explain how these features are included in ‘The Tale of Custard the Dragon’.

ANS: The poem tells a story including many characters where a dragon is made fun of by everyone because he is a coward. However, the end of the poem surprisingly depicts Custard as a hero who saves others’ lives by attacking and gobbling up the pirate.

v. Which two issues about himself convinced Lomov of his decision to get married?

ANS: Lomov wanted to get married to Natalya because he believed that he was already 35 years of age and it was a critical age for a man to settle into marriage. Besides, he suffered from palpitation so he needed a life partner to support him in times of ill health.

vi. Briefly state how Matilda invited ‘a dreadful life of necessity’ into her family.

ANS: Matilda belonged to a middle-class family but she always wanted to live a rich life. She borrowed a necklace to wear to a grand party. Unfortunately, the necklace was lost. To repay for the necklace she was forced to lead a poor life of necessity and deprivation. Now she was living in a hand to mouth situation.

vii. The hack driver successfully trapped the narrator in his web of words. Comment.

ANS: The hack driver was a cheerful man who won the narrator’s trust and befriended him. He helped the narrator by making enquiries on the narrator’s behalf, offered him homemade lunch. He befooled him to an extent that the narrator did not question him while paying out money. Through his clever choice of words, he successfully trapped the narrator in his web of words.

CBSE Term 2 Long Question Answer (Fully Solved)

Answer ANY TWO of the following in about 120 words each. 4*2
i. Parents play a crucial role in the upbringing of their children. Critically examine the parents of Bholi and Ebright, highlighting their impact on their children’s lives.

ANS: Habits and behaviour of a child’s parents make the outline of a kid’s life. Bholi’s parents did not care about her interest and likings. They never supported or motivated her to learn anything new in life. By chance, she got a good teacher in the school where she was sent to save her sisters and parents risk from social disgrace. On the contrary, Abright got full support and motivation from his mother since his early childhood. His mother always kept him engaged with something to learn from. On understanding his love for butterflies she bought him a book about butterflies that proved to be a turning point in his life. She always got toys and gifts of his interest to help him evolve. On critically examining it can be said that parents play an important role in deciding the future of a child.

ii. Pranjol and Rajvir discuss their next vacation destination. They shortlist Coorg and Goa. Rajvir is keen on Coorg and tries to convince Pranjol. Develop a conversation between the two, based on your understanding of the Glimpses of India. You may begin like this:
Rajvir: Hey Pranjol! I think we should be visiting Coorg. It is a beautiful place with coffee plantations. I can
smell the aroma already!
Pranjol: We visited a tea plantation last year, in Assam; I want to…

ANS: Rajvir: Hi, Pranjol! I think we should be visiting Coorg. it is a beautiful place with coffee plantations. I can smell the aroma already.

Pranjol: We visited a tea plantation last year in Assam; I want to visit Goa this year. People visit Goa for its calm and relaxing beaches.

Rajvir: We can sit by the river Kaveri in Coorg, which is so peaceful. Goa has only beaches but good flora and fauna and biodiversity of plants make Coorg a perfect vacation spot.

Pranjol: Do you know that people from out of India also visit Goa. We may get a chance to meet the foreigners there.

Rajvir: You know Coorg is culturally so rich and the people of Coorg are famous worldwide for their bravery. It will be great fun meeting the Bravehearts and listening to the stories of their bravery.

Pranjol: How did you forget that Goa also has a wonderful history of Portuguese and Britishers.

Rajvir: You know well how much I admire Tibetan culture. I read that the place has the largest Tibetan settlement. I am sure the environment will reflect peace and spirituality.

Pranjol: You did commendable research about Coorg. I cannot argue anymore. Let’s prepare the itinerary for Coorg but Goa will be our next destination after coming back. No more explanations now.

iii. Farce is a kind of comedy that includes situations and dialogues that are ridiculous, exaggerated and even absurd. Evaluate the play, The Proposal, as a farce.

ANS: The Proposal is an example of a farce because the main characters, Lomov and Natalya, are both absurdly sensitive and so prone to arguing over minor issues; Oxen meadows and pet dogs. The characteristics of the farce can also be seen through Lomov’s dress and physical appearance which are unrealistic and dramatic. The most absurd situation is when Natalya drives Lomov out of her house and soon after she cries for getting married to him.

Chubukov is a stupid father who is driven by her daughter’s demands. He is so obsessed to get her daughter married to a rich man that he overlooks Lomov’s diseases and illness.

The humour in the play and the childish behaviour of the characters make it ridiculous. Exaggeration can be seen when the characters, on one hand, speak with so much courtesy while on the other hand, they do not think twice before calling bad names and using foul language for each other and their family members. The proposal is a perfect example of a farce.

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