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Hello students, the following Letter to Editor MCQ class 10 has been sourced from CBSE Sample Question Paper 2021. As this new pattern is introduced by CBSE this year, you all must be confused about the MCQ of Formal Letters. That’s why this letter to editor multiple-choice question has been copied here to let you understand the correct pattern for Term 1 Letter Writing MCQ. This page contains 2 types of letter MCQs for better understanding.

Term 1 Letter Writing MCQ With Answers for Class 9-12 | MCQ on Formal Letter class 10-12 | MCQ on Letter to Editor |

You are Debashree, a resident of Siliguri, Assam. You have to write a letter to the editor of the national daily drawing attention to the difficulty faced by differently-abled people at tourist places. (CBSE Sample Paper 2021)

Type I –

Q.25 Select the option with relevant aspects that Debashree should select, for this letter.
(1) The newspaper’s name
(2) Attached proof of the newspaper subscription
(3) Debashree’s address
(4) Formal tone
(5) Expected date of the letter’s receipt

A. (1) and (5)
B. (2), (3) and (4)
C. (3) and (5)
D. (1), (3) and (4)

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Q.26 Select the appropriate subject for this letter.
A. Drawing attention to differently-abled people
B. The Differently-abled: Neglected or Misunderstood?
C. Tourist places are an inconvenience to differently-abled people
D. Inconvenience Faced by the Differently-abled at Tourist Spots

Q.27 Which option should Debashree select, to elaborate on the difficulties faced by the differently-abled?

1. Absence of ramps for wheelchairs
2. Unclean toilets
3. High ticket-prices
1. Unsuitable visiting timings
2. Tourist guides untrained in
sign language
3. Lack of braille-script
tourist pamphlets
1. Absence of ramps for
2. Tourist guides untrained in sign
3. Lack of braille-script tourist
1. Unclean toilets
2. High ticket-prices
3. Unsuitable visiting timings

A. option 1
B. option 2
C. option 3
D. option 4

Q.28 Debashree shares some suggestions in her letter, to address the issue.
Select the option that helps her complete these suggestions, appropriately. In my opinion, the media can play a pivotal role in transforming people’s (i) —————– Also, (ii) ————against negligence to the needs of the differently-abled, at the
tourist spots, shall go a long way in bringing about a positive change.
A. (i) beliefs and traditions (ii) composing songs
B. (i) perceptions and attitudes (ii) cautioning the authorities
C. (i) preferences (ii) protesting
D. (i) interactions (ii) keeping minimum interference

Q.30 Select the option that completes the concluding line appropriately. I hope that my letter will ………………
A. help spread awareness about the issue.
B. lead to action against all authorities responsible, at tourist spots.
C. improve circulation of the national daily.
D. result in positive reviews by the readers

Watch English sample paper 2021 for answer key at 6:1014:10 Letter Writing MCQ (25-30).
Letter Writing MCQ Class 9-12 | MCQ of Formal and Informal Letters

Type 2 –

Term 1 Letter Writing MCQ Class 10 | Letter of Complaint MCQ Class 10 | MCQ on Formal Letters |

A formal letter has been given below. Some of the portions have been left blank. Fill in the spaces by choosing the correct option. The unsanitary conditions in your colony are causing multiple diseases. Write a letter to the municipal Commissioner bringing the problem to his notice and request him to take urgent action on the matter. You are Ravindra/ Rani of B 12/44 Loni, Ghaziabad of Ankur Vihar, Loni, Ghaziabad.

(i) ………………………
Loni. Ghaziabad
Uttar Pradesh 201XXX
(14) ………………….
The Municipal Commissioner
Ghaziabad 201XXX
(15) ……………….
Subject: Unsanitary conditions in the colony
I have been a resident of Ankur Vihar, Loni, Ghaziabad for the past 8 years. I would like to bring to your notice (16) ……..
Rubbish and garbage lie in heaps. The lack of a drainage system raises a persistent foul smell in the area.
During the rainy season, water stagnates in pits on the street which makes the whole condition even worse. These become the breeding ground for mosquitoes, which expose the residents to multiple diseases like dengue, malaria, etc. Our colony has become an unhealthy and disease-prone area. Every day, someone or the other is succumbing to deadly diseases. Some of the families have also shifted to better localities
You are requested to take immediate remedial action to set things right.
Thanking you.
(17) …………..

From the following choices select the correct option for the blanks in the letter given above.

13 (a) Ankur Enclave, B 12/44
(b) Ankur Vihar, B 12/44
(c) B 12/22 Loni, Ghaziabad
(d) B 12/44, Ankur Vihar

(d) B 12/44, Ankur Vihar

14 (a) 20th August 20XX
(b) 20 Aug. 20XX
(c) August 20, 20XX
(d) 20 August, 20XX

(c) August 20, 20XX

15 (a) dear Sir/madam
(b) Dear sir/madam
(c) Dear Sir/Madam
(d) Dear sir, madam

(c) Dear Sir/Madam

16 (a) the sanitary conditions in our colony
(b) the condition of our locality
(c) the colony’s condition
(d) our condition sanitary

(a) the sanitary conditions in our colony

17 (a) your sincerely
(b) Yours faithfully
(c) Faithfuly Yours
(d) faithfully yours

(b) Yours faithfully

We hope the above letter writing multiple-choice questions for class 10 and class 12 will be helpful.

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