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Importance Of Education Essay (2023) | English Essay 250 Words

Greetings, everyone. The topic of the Importance of education is one we’ve encountered numerous times over the years. But as we step into the digital age, we find that it’s time to reimagine this classic theme. Today, you’re about to dive into a fresh perspective on the importance of education, one that aligns with the ever-evolving …

Life of Children in Slum Areas Essay | Creative Writing

India is a country with a large population, and a significant portion of it lives in slum areas or houses made of tin and bamboo. Have you ever imagined what their living conditions are like? Let's write an essay on the life of children living in slums to get a glimpse of their daily lives.

Essay on Nature | Nurture Nature and Save the Future

Essays on Nature are the all-time favourite of all teachers from elementary classes to high school and college. This topic looks simple and easy on the surface but broad contextual diversity makes it difficult to write an essay on Nature topics. This sample essay might help you to start with.

Impact of War on Society Essay | War and its Effects

The present generation read about fights and wars in stories and books only but with the proclamation of the Russia and Ukraine war, the impact of war on the modern world is clearly visible to all of us. War has always left the world with death and destruction. Let's write down some of the effects of …

Women Empowerment Essay | Changing Role of Women in India

Today, we talk about gender equality. We have moved forward leaving behind the typical prejudices and Orthodoxes against women in the world. The role of females is changing. This women empowerment essay would let us know how the ladies have moved on from a homemaker to corporate manager.

How to Write an Analytical Paragraph on Concept Chart

CBSE has included these graphical representations in the writing section of the class 10th English syllabus. The students are expected to write a paragraph by analysing these diagrams and extracting maximum textual information from them. Two solved questions are given here...