Summer Vacation Essay in English for Students

This article will help students to write an essay on Summer Vacation in India. This summer vacation essay is also available in the Hindi language. Read this paragraph ‘what to do during summer vacations’ to get some wonderful ideas to enjoy holidays constructively. This article can be edited to write short and long paragraphs on summer vacations in India by students. New word meanings on vacations are given at the bottom.

Summer Vacation Essay in English

India is the only country in the world which experiences six seasons in a year. Summer is the longest season. Summer is experienced here from March to September. The hotness is at its peak in May and June. Temperature sometimes rises to 48 degrees and even to 50 degrees. To escape this burning heat schools in north India are closed down for summer vacations for around two months: month of May and June.

Students and teachers eagerly wait for these holidays every year. They relax and enjoy their favourite holidays as they do not have to go to school or colleges. Everybody has a long list of things to do during the summer holidays. Many parents prefer to keep their kids inside the air-conditioned rooms. But outdoor activities are necessary for people of all ages because Life is cool when you play outdoor games. 

Plans for summer holidays:

   Going to friends and relatives:

In India, there is a trend for married ladies going to their parents’ home for a long stay during these holidays. As the schools are off, kids can accompany their mothers to maternal grandparents’ house (called Nani house). They enjoy their stay at a new place and come back to their own house with lots of gifts, clothes, sweets and blessings.

What to do during Summer Vacations-

  1. singing and dancing
  2. Reading & Writing
  3.  art and craft
  4. drawing and colouring
  5. English speaking and writing
  6. playing outdoor games
  7. learning foreign languages
  8.  computer courses 
  9. Swimming is the favourite activity of kids during summer break. Water pools provide a refreshing way to cool off on a hot summer day. Swimming is referred to as ‘magic pill’ due to its mental and physical health benefits.

This list is too long to mention everything. Such activities are essential to bring out the hidden abilities of children and help them to be an all-rounder.

Some people like to visit hill stations to keep the heat at bay. Mountain trips are planned well in advance. Kashmir, Kulu and Manali, Ooty and Kodaikanal, Mussoorie and Nainital are some of the famous hill stations of India.

Essay on Summer Vacation’s Holidays Homework

Children are given a lot of homework to be completed during holidays so that they stay in touch with studies and do not forget the school and studies completely. Google is used extensively by people to complete the work given by teachers.

The main motive behind giving homework is to divert the kids to explore areas outside their academic curriculum. In the disguise of holidays homework, students get a chance to learn a lot of stuff beyond their syllabus. So, it is the moral duty of parents to encourage their kids to understand the concepts rather than copy and paste.

Although it is warm outside once determined, we can defeat the scorching sun. We must take these precautions to beat the heat.

How to Relax in Summer Vacation

  • We can enjoy juicy fruits, like watermelon, mangoes, cucumber, litchi, and certain beverages like lassi, lemonade, sattu drink, ice cream, kulfi etc. to keep ourselves cool.
  • Wear light coloured cotton clothes.
  • Using umbrella and wearing caps and turbans save our head from getting heated up.
  •  The tradition of covering the head in various religions all over the world might have evolved for safety from sun damage. Applying sunscreen lotions is very common among today’s youngsters.
  • Wearing sunglasses is a fashion for some and a necessity for others.
  • Because office goers and workers have no respite from the heat, they continue their normal routine work despite the blazing sun.
Peak reach a highest point
Escape running away from something or someone
Eagerly Excited for something
Accompany To go along with someone
disguise To modify the appearance in order to conceal the identity
Extracurricular In addition to the normal course of study

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