Write a Summary of A Letter to God In 150 words

Class 10 English – First Flight Book – A Letter to God

Summary of A Letter to God In 150 words

The short story “A Letter to God” by G.L. Fuentes showcases the unshakable faith of a farmer named Lencho in God. Lencho expects rain to nourish his cornfield, which is his source of income. However, a hailstorm destroys his entire crop, leaving him and his family in a dire situation.

Despite his despair, Lencho still has faith in God and decides to write a letter to Him asking for help. He writes a letter addressed to God and goes to town to post it. The postmaster is amused by the letter but is moved by Lencho’s faith and decides to help him.

The postmaster collects money from his colleagues and friends to help Lencho, but they can only raise 70 pesos. The money is sent in an envelope to Lencho, but he becomes angry upon finding out that the amount is less than what he had requested. Lencho believes that the postal staff has stolen the remaining amount and writes another letter to God expressing his disappointment and distrust in the postal workers. He requests God to send the remaining money through any other means to avoid stealing by the postal staff.

Q What is the biggest irony of the lesson ‘A letter to God’?

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