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In today’s post, we will write a speech on yoga. Speech is a medium to influence and motivate the listeners. The speaker can put forth his knowledge and experience in front of others to win their confidence. So, before writing a speech you should thoroughly know your topic from all dimensions. Here, we are trying to speak about yoga as a technique to align our body, mind and spirit to achieve a perfect balance and harmony in our life.

Yoga is a technique to align our body, mind and spirit for perfect balance and harmony in life. Prepare a speech in about 100-120 words to be delivered in the school assembly on the topic ‘Yoga – A Way of Life’.

Speech on Yoga – A way of life

Today is 21st June and we all know it as International yoga day. It is a great pleasure to stand here in front of you all and speak about yoga benefits.
God has given us a healthy and beautiful body but we spoil our health by eating the wrong food and adopting a default lifestyle. Once health is gone everything is gone. But yoga is a technique to keep ourselves disease-free throughout our life. Modern medicine can kill the pain temporarily but yoga makes us healthy in all aspects – physically, mentally and spiritually.
By practising yoga postures one can keep his body flexible and smoothly moving. The Pranayams help us to keep our breath in control. Correct breathing technique saves us from mental diseases and enhances our spiritual well being.
If we practice yoga therapy one hour daily we will never fall ill and enjoy our life to the maximum.
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