Speech on Effects of Lockdown on Environment

Speech on Coronavirus is an important topic for high school students. Your teacher may ask you to write an Essay on covid 19 or a letter to Highlight the Importance of Covid Prevention Rules or you could be asked to prepare a speech for the school assembly. How would you write a speech on coronavirus or the effects of coronavirus or lockdown on the environment? The following prompts to write a speech on the positive effects of lockdown are given below for your help. A sample 3 minute speech on effects of lockdown on environment is also included below on this page. Watch the video for a Hindi explanation.

Speech on Positive Effects of Lockdown on Environment

PROMPTS: The year 2020 faced an unprecedented disease and the consequent lockdown. Nobody ever thought that it could be ‘an opportunity in disguise’. The COVID 19 induced lockdown brought with it many positive effects on the environment. To name a few are-

  • less air pollution level
  • the lowest level of noise pollution recorded in the history
  • increased family time spending
  • water bodies getting cleared due to closing of manufacturing units
  • Birds and animals seem happier than before

Speech on Effects of Lockdown on Environment | Speech for School Assembly

As we all know the spreading of coronavirus brought the world to a standstill. I sympathize with the people who lost their loved ones. It is a loss that can never be refilled. But, you must have heard that every coin has two sides. The same is happening with the earthlings. As our body needs detoxification after a certain limit.

Nature urgently needed to detoxify and purify itself of all the junk that we contributed to it in an unstoppable manner. Nature’s purification process can be analysed through the drastic decrease in pollution levels; air, water, and noise pollution level. Water flowing in the rivers of Yamuna and Ganga has changed unbelievably. The lockdown meant to curb the spread of the coronavirus has helped significantly in cleaning the environment.

Birds and animals like their habitat in its original form. That’s why they seem to enjoy a cleaner and clearer environment. Moreover, they are free to utilise their space fully as they are free now and man is behind cages.

This pandemic has once again proved that NATURE is permanent and it can repair itself without human’s help.

Thank You for reading the speech on effects of lockdown and Coronavirus on the environment.

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