Speech on Effects of Lockdown on People

Hello friends, we have all gathered here to discuss the effects of a lockdown on people. We will get to know through this 3-minute speech how the corona pandemic and the subsequent lockdown impacted the lives of people all across the world.

Speech on Effects of Lockdown on Life | Speech on Lockdown | Speech on Covid 19 | Speech on coronavirus

Prior to 2019, we had never witnessed a lockdown in life. I am sure you would agree with me when I say that I never imagined life could take a U-turn like this. It felt like a part of a movie’s fantasy. How a viral disease forced mankind to leave the fast-paced life that looked almost unstoppable.

They say, ‘leave everything to the will of God’. I practically follow Aamir Khan’s advice given in the 3 Idiots movie – “All is Well”. Keep reminding yourself that all will be well and see how it will turn out right. The lockdown that seemed like a curse proved a blessing in reality. One needs a positive outlook to feel and understand the goodness behind an act. The Lockdown was desperately needed for the earthlings.

I can bet that any of us would not have accepted it if we were given an option to choose between a lockdown and our usual working day. The lockdown tried to balance the life of the money earning section of our society. They had exhausted so much but their work did not let them pause. They got such a big relief during the lockdown.

Stay-at-home mothers got recognition and appreciation from family members. While all the members were at home it was realised that our mothers were working like Mumbai local train to help us reach our destination on time. The older people felt rejuvenated again. Online Ludo, indoor games, carrom boards and other indoor games brought live energy back into every drawing-room. Lockdown made us all tech-savvy by pushing us towards online classes, online meetings and work from home culture. We started feeling that we were no less than the people of developed nations. Initially, coronavirus scared us all but it taught us many lessons. Also, it is our social and moral duty to spare some time every month to think about ourselves, our family, our neighbours, our society, our country and above all our mother earth and nature. So that another lockdown is not forced upon us in future.

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