Speech for School Captain Election

Winning an election is a tedious task. Only those can uderstand it who have ever fought elections in their life; be it at the school level, college level, organisational level or at the national level. In order to win the votes the candidates must be able to put their qualities properly in front of the voters. It can be done through delivering a genuine and strong speech. Here comes a sample speech for school captain election that can help you win that school captain post and see your dream coming true.

Speech for School Captain Election

Good Morning to all my respected teachers and friends. It’s my pleasure to stand here and contest for the post of school captain. I have a dream today. It is that our school will enter the top 10 schools’ list in the coming years and I know it is not impossible. Do you agree with me?

I have been studying in this school since my nursery class. Now I am in class 10th. You can count that it has been more than a decade now. So, I can feel the pulse of my school. I know that you people have great potential. I know resources are ample but the motivation, the enthusiasm are lacking.

So, I would try to put my team’s efforts in the right direction which is to make sure that every student is notified of the competitions, quizzes and other activities going on at intra-school and inter-school levels. A few students can’t change the destiny of a school, that’s why 100 per cent student participation is a must.

You can always share your concerns with me. I am always open to criticism also and ready to improve. So please lend me your precious advice. I believe that I have the experience to fit in this role.

To turn my dream into reality I need your vote and support to choose me for the post of school captain. I am sure that would use your due diligence and elect the right person as school captain.

Thank You

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