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What is a class representative speech or CR speech? What do you write in a Class Representative Speech? Who is a class CR and what does he/she do? How would you prepare a class representative speech for college or school? Who can become a class CR? How do CRs feel? All these questions are answered below. Here you can prepare your own speech for student election in school/ college. The speech below will tell you what you say in a class representative speech. Scroll down to read the probable questions for the class representative interview with their answers.

Who is a CR (Class Representative)

A class representative can be understood as a student leader. He/she is elected from the whole class to present students’ points of view before the teachers and the principal. A class representative is often termed a ‘Prefect’ or ‘Monitor’ in schools.

What are the qualities of a class representative?

A class representative must have certain qualities that qualify him/her for the seat of a class representative. They must be ready to take the initiative and responsibility whenever a situation arises. Besides, a CR should be confident enough to participate in meetings with the principal, teachers and parents. Keeping these points in mind a student can stand to join in the post of class representative.

If you are unsure about what you say in a class representative speech, then this speech might prove helpful to you.

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2-minute Class Representative Speech (CR)

Short Speech for Class Representative Election (class 6-12)

Hello, my dear fellow students and respected opponents. Today, I am here not to introduce myself, but I will tell you why you should choose me for the student council elections. I am not that much popular in the school as my competitors because I joined this school last year only due to my father’s job transfer. But you must know that I was the student council president in my earlier school and I can help my classmates with my previous experience. By now you would have understood that I am a good communicator. Besides, I can help my class by bringing in innovative ideas. If you are hesitant to talk to the teacher you can always stay assured to share your problem with me. I will always place my council duties over my personal matters.
On the last note, Your vote is your right as well as your responsibility. So, choose the right person.
Thanks for your patience and time.

Class Representative Speech

Good morning teachers and my dear friends. My name is Vaishnav. I think I am a perfect candidate to become a class representative of class 10th B. I consider myself to be an apt person to represent my class. I am confident enough to discuss my classmates’ problems in the principal room.

I am good at studies so I can handle my studies simultaneously. My family supports me in this decision and does not mind if I hold meetings even at odd hours.

My father is the president of the Residents Welfare Society and my mother is a women’s activist who presides over many meetings. I feel leadership is in my genes. Being a language lover I can express my thoughts through words in a much better way.

I live within walking distance from the school so I can visit the school even on holidays. Therefore, I assure you that I am a perfect person to rely upon in case of any emergency. I have good relations with all my teachers and student leaders. Have faith in me and vote for me. Thanks 😊

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Can you spare some time to tell us how this student representative speech for school prefect elections helped you for your purpose? It feels great to read about others’ experiences.

If you still want to write a speech of your own, these Student Election Speech Opening Lines can prove useful.

Probable Questions for a Class Representative Interview

  1. Why do you want to be a Class Representative?
    I want to be popular in my school. It will also help me in driving away public speaking fear.
  2. How would you help your class teacher after getting selected as a class representative?
    I can bridge away the gap between teachers and students by disseminating correct information.
  3. What can your classmates expect from you?
    I can become their best confidant.
  4. What are the duties of a class representative?
    To maintain a cordial relationship between teachers and students.
  5. How would you maintain a balance between your studies and other class issues?
    I study in a disciplined way so I can easily spare time for my duties.

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