Should schools reopen in October?” Analytical Paragraph Example

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A survey was conducted among the parents of the school going, students. The question asked was, “Should schools reopen in October?” The results are shown in the pie chart below. Write an analytical paragraph in 100-120 words. (5 Marks)

analytical paragraph solved example essayshout

Given the rising number of Covid-19 cases in India, 58% of parents opposed the idea of re-opening the schools. Include their reasons for denial in your paragraph.

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should schools reopen after covid vaccine - analytical paragraph solved example essayshout

Analytical Paragraph Solved Example (Class 10)

The given charts display the results of a survey conducted among the parents of school-going students regarding the reopening of schools after the covid 19 pandemics.
It is evident from the pie chart that 58% of parents are not yet willing to send their children to schools. However, one-third of parents approved the reopening plans. More than 40% of parents who are reluctant to send their ward to the temple of education stated that they did not want to take chance as social distancing would not be possible in the school premises. Around 20% of guardians prefer the online mode of education. On the other side, 15 % of parents trusted the vaccine and chose to wait till the vaccine comes.
To conclude, schools don’t expect to be fully active as only 33% of the parents gave their consent to reopen the schools.

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