Short Moral Story How Alex Won Bravery Award

You are about to read a short anime story about a 10-year boy Alex whose life went through many zig-zags. How he joined a gangster group and finally who helped him to win the national bravery award.

short moral story anime alex

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Alex who didn’t like studying. He would roam around aimlessly throughout the day, without a care in the world. One day, by chance, Alex got involved with a gang of terrorists who had guns and bombs. They taught him how to use these weapons and he became influenced by them.

Alex started to like the feeling of power that came with guns and bombs. He fled from home and changed his appearance so no one could recognize him. As he grew up, Alex became an adult and was involved in a bank robbery. The police caught him and his companions left him alone.

A kind police officer preached to him about family and country love and explained the value of education. The officer told him that being a good citizen was important and that education was the key to success. Alex realized his mistake and quit terrorism. He joined the army and became a good citizen.

short moral story anime alex

Alex’s parents were proud of him because he received a bravery award for his service in the army. He was grateful for the kind police officer who had shown him the right path. Alex lived the rest of his life with pride and honour, knowing that he had made a positive impact on his country.

Moral of the story:

  1. Guns and bombs are not the way to solve problems.
  2. We should be responsible and care about others.
  3. Education helps to differentiate between good and bad

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