School Farewell Speech by 12th Class Student

School time is the most cherished time in the life of a person. I am not wrong if I say that children spend almost an equal amount of time at school that they spend with their family at home (sleeping and bathroom time reduced 24- (7+3)=14). This makes a special bonding between the teachers and schoolmates. But, this relationship comes to an end when children pass out of 12th class. That’s why a farewell party is organised for the 12th class students leaving the school. If you are looking for a farewell speech by 12th class students then you can read further.

Farewell Speech by 12th Class Student | Speech in English | School Speech

A very Good Morning to Principal sir, teachers and my friends! So friends, How’s the josh??

I am Raunak Singh a student of class 12th. Today we have gathered here to celebrate our farewell party. Our final exams are due in the next month. After that whole 12th class will leave this institution forever. But we will cherish a lot of things inside our hearts. Our school staff and teachers are a part of a gradual change in us; growing from a sapling to a young plant. They have made us capable of shouldering responsibilities and challenges.

Today, I want to share an incident with you all. In my primary classes, I could not learn spelling properly. But my teacher never scolded me for that. She simply asked me to write the correct spelling of each wrong word ten times (it sounds easy but it is very difficult). Many times I cried while completing that boring correction work. The most irritating part of that homework was that the correct spellings had to be written 10 times. Sometimes, it even haunted me in my sleep.

Now when I look back, I can understand that it was this task that made me win the Spellathon contest and score full marks in the English language. You must be wanting to ask the reason behind sharing this incident here. I disclosed this to you so that you may understand the value of mistakes. My teachers always encouraged me to tackle a situation without worrying about mistakes. “A mistake can be understood as nothing but an experience gone wrong”.

I wish my classmates find the best career for them in life. Our school has done so much for us. Now, it is our turn to bring laurels to our school and teachers. Last but not the least, one valuable piece of advice to my juniors, enjoy your school life to the fullest. You would not get this chance again in life.

Farewell Poem in English for School

Emotional Farewell Speech in English | Farewell Speech by 12th Class Student for Teachers

Good Morning!

Respected Principal Sir, Vice Principal Ma’am, and honourable guests, teachers and my dear friends.

My name is Aryan Gupta. I am this year’s senior prefect of ABC school. It has been more than a decade now since I came here. I was mesmerized to see how large the school campus was. I came here as an observer and a learner.

Today, I am standing here as a mature and confident boy. I know this is my last opportunity to stand here on this podium in front of all of you. I will leave school after my class 12th.

Over the years, I have seen students always asking what the school has done for us. Sometimes, they are full of complaints and bad words about the institutions and the teachers. But why don’t we think and ask what we have done for the school? You would argue here what you can do for the school, you are paying money, so it is the school’s duty to think for your welfare.

But deep thinking will make you realise that it is a two-way process. You must have heard that it takes two to clap. The school provides opportunities for the students to evolve. It is the children’s responsibility to learn from the available resources.

Do you remember that in our primary classes, it was mandatory for students to carry a hygiene kit daily to school? Some did it as a compulsion while others learnt to groom their personality from that small kit and I am one of them. I learned the value of cleanliness and hygiene from that single strict rule of our school.

There was a time when we could not understand many words. Our teachers made us understand the meaning of the words, they helped us with the right pronunciation. Teachers at ABC school have instilled various qualities in us. Tomorrow, these qualities will help us become great entrepreneurs, leaders, teachers, doctors or engineers.

A school is a student’s second home. We have learnt so much here that even our parents could not teach us. I cannot count on everything that the school has given us. Now, it is our turn to do something for our school.

Today, we are recognised by our school’s name, tomorrow there will be a time when our school will be recognised by our name. That will be a great moment and I am sure my teachers and my fellow students are waiting for that moment to happen. Through this platform, I want to take a golden opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude and thankfulness towards all the guard uncles, aunties, admin staff, teachers and my fellow students.

thank you all

You can share your school farewell speech here. It might help your juniors. Thanks for reading.

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