Milkha Singh also known as the Flying Sikh Passage

It is a moderately easy comprehension passage about Milkh Singh, an Indian athlete, who brought laurels to India in Olympic Games. Students of classes 6-12 can practise the passage to hone their reading and writing skills in the English language.

Reading Comprehension about Milkha Singh with Answers

Unseen Passage about Milkha Singh CBSE 2022 with Subjective Question Answers

Based on your reading answer any five questions from the six given below (1*5) (i) What is Milka Singh known as? What realization did Milkha Singh have when he was on the track during the Melbourne Olympics?

ANS: Milkha Singh is known as the Flying Sikh. During the Melbourne Olympics, he realized that his international competitors were fitter and stronger than he and he needed to prepare himself more to succeed.

(ii) List any two of Milkha Singh’s achievements.

ANS: Milkha Singh is the only athlete to win a Gold medal in 400 meters in the Asian and Commonwealth Games. He also won the Gold medal in the 1958 and 1962 Asian Games.

(iii) What strict rules and regulations did Milkha Singh follow?

ANS: Milkha Singh followed the strict rule of always waking up before sunrise. He used to run daily two or three miles cross-country.

(iv) State two consequences of his hard and strenuous practice.

ANS: Sometimes his hard and strenuous exercise drained him so much that he vomited blood and even dropped unconscious many times.

(v) What motivated Milkha Singh to become the best athlete in the world?

Whenever he felt exhausted he visualised the images of crowd packed stadium cheering him up and applauding him near the finish line. It motivated him to become the best athlete in the world.

(vi) Explain the phrase ‘I would start again’ in the last sentence. 

ANS: Whenever he was on the verge of giving up and losing hope he would remember the cheerful faces of his spectators and encourage himself to muster up the strength and again start practising.

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