Essay on Effects of Population on Environment

This essay is on the effects of the human population on the environment. Students need to understand the relationship between population growth and its impact on the environment. let’s start reading the paragraph on population and environment.

Essay on effects of human population on environment | Essay on population

The environment is a topic of concern in the modern day. With the increase in population, environmental issues have significantly increased. We must take care of the environment else mankind will perish. But before that, we have to understand the relationship between population growth and environmental issues.

More people require more resources which results in loss of biodiversity. Their daily activities increase carbon emissions which leads to the greenhouse effect due to which global warming happens. This ultimately results in a long time climate change. Although, different countries have managed to control their population growth. Still, the preservation of the environment is lagging.

Steps to Preserve Environment

Instead of depleting the environment, we should try to add some positive effects on the environment. Humans should use carpools and public vehicles instead of private which reduces air pollution.

Private companies should incorporate methods of production that reduce carbon emissions. Government should focus on making such policies that keep in mind the environmental effects. For example, the government must make the Rainwater harvesting system compulsory in all the newly constructed buildings to replenish the water scarcity. There should be strict rules regarding overfishing which disbalances Marine diversity.

We should start focusing more on Renewable Sources rather than Non-Renewable Sources of energy. The solar power plant recently inaugurated at Rewa in Madhya Pradesh is a very good initiative by the government of India. This power plant will supply solar energy to Delhi Metro in New Delhi.

Conclusion: Population and Environment Essay

The government should keep on adding more feathers to its cap by launching such projects. It is high time we must take some strict actions to tackle this problem. Strict implementation of laws is the need of the hour. Government has many laws regarding this issue but without the help of society, nothing can be done. So we all must join our hands for a cleaner and clearer environment for our coming generations.

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