The pie chart shows the result of the health checkup conducted…

The following pie chart shows the result of the health check-up conducted in a school. Interpret it for the school authorities in a paragraph of about 100-120 words.

Analytical Paragraph Class 10 Solved Example

The following pie chart shows the result of the health checkup conducted

Normal (A) 50%
Obese (B) 5%
Eye Problems (C) 10%
Dental Problem (D) 15%
Skin Problem (E) 10%
Underweight (F) 10%
NOTE: This written information is not given in the question. Students need to deduce it on their own.

Sample Answer 1

According to the graph, half of the diagnosed students are perfectly healthy without serious ailments. The remaining 50% of respondents were found to have minor health issues, namely dental problems, skin issues, eye concerns, and imbalanced weight. Approximately 15% of the total participants complained of tooth problems. Furthermore, approximately 10% of the students disclosed experiencing skin problems, whereas an additional 10% indicated having issues with their eyes. Out of the total, 5% of the pupils were overweight, while 10% reported being underweight and malnourished. It appears that parents and teachers need to pay more attention to the dietary patterns of students in order to identify the real health culprits. It is a matter of great concern that children are experiencing health issues even at a young age.

Sample Answer 2

The pie chart represents the findings of a health checkup camp set up in a school. The most significant section, labelled “Normal (A),” accounts for 50% of the results, indicating that half of the students have a healthy weight and no specific health concerns. The section labelled “Dental Problems (D)” represents 15% of the results, suggesting that many students have dental issues. Eye Problems (C) account for 10% of the results, indicating that a moderate number of students have eye-related concerns. The section marked “Obese (B)” represents 5% of the results, signifying that only a small percentage of students are dealing with obesity. Finally, the sections “Skin Problems (E)” and “Underweight (F)” both account for 10% of the results, indicating that some students have skin-related issues, while some are underweight. The school authorities need to address these specific health concerns accordingly and provide necessary support and guidance to the students.

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