Case-Based Passage with Statistical Data for Class 9, 10, 11, 12

The following passage reads about online and offline shopping merits and demerits. An in-between way out has been suggested by the writer for a better shopping experience that can cover the disadvantages of both styles of shopping. It has been termed ‘Phygital’ which is claimed to improve the shopping experience of the customers. This Case-Based Passage with Statistical Data is followed by a series of easy-to-moderate questions. Out of a total of 9 questions, 6 questions have been answered and 3 questions have been left for self-practice. Good Luck!

Case-Based Factual Passage with Statistical Data

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.

The past two decades have seen a perpetual shift in the way we interact, engage, consume information or make a purchase decision, and the emergence of the ‘online’ culture has further played a key role in giving this trend a big push. Not just consumers even retailers and traders have adapted to the online culture to fill the gap created by the lack of physical movement during the pandemic.

case-Based Passage with Statistical Data

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated changes in consumer habits and has made digital shopping grow. Still, many of us miss the interaction and personalized attention that a physical purchase entails, and we don’t want to leave that behind. This duality has led to the birth of the concept of phygital experience that aims to take advantage of the best of e-commerce and point of sale.

How many times have we gone to an electronics store to see, touch and test a product only to leave empty-handed and buy it online? And how many times have we thoroughly combed the web – visited various brand websites, compared specifications, and read dozens of reviews – before making a purchase? Phygital connects two environments: online and offline. In other words, it tries to unite the best of the physical and digital worlds to create a much more complete and satisfying user experience.
Thinking about how often we have found ourselves in both situations can help us understand why the phygital phenomenon is becoming the new frontier of customer experience, even confirming itself as one of the main trends in digital strategies in 2021.

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer ANY SIX out of the seven questions given below.

Case-Based Factual Passage with Answers

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More Questions for Self-Practice:

Q 6 What was the impact of the Pandemic on consumer habits?

Q 7 With reference to fig.1, Which year would you consider a time of transition or the beginning of a steep rise in e-commerce?

Q 8 Which perpetual shift is being discussed in the first three sentences of the passage?

Q 9 The writer concludes by writing, “Thinking about how often we have found ourselves in both situations….” Which two situations are being referred to?

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