Essay on Online Shopping Advantages and Disadvantages

Essay on online shopping for students and children. In this article, ‘Online Shopping Essay‘ students will read the meaning, advantages and disadvantages of online shopping. A Paragraph on precautions during online shopping must be understood carefully to escape online fraud.

Essay on Online Shopping Advantages and Disadvantages

Meaning of Online Shopping

In our childhood stories, we were told that Santa used to deliver gifts to kids to fulfil their wishes. Nobody imagined that this could happen in real life also. But modern science has made it possible in today’s world. This is known by various names like digital shopping, online shopping, e-commerce, online purchasing, internet shopping etc. It is exactly like our routine shopping except that here the buyer does not visit the shopkeeper’s place. Rather the full store is sent to the buyer on his laptop or mobile phone through a website.

History of Online Shopping

The first secure online transaction was done in the year 1994. Immediately after that in 1995 Amazon and e-bay launched their shopping sites., e-bay, Flipkart, Paytm Mall, Snapdeal, Myntra,,, Urbanclap, and are the names of famous online shopping portals. With the availability of smartphones and cheaper internet packages, online shopping has taken a place in everyone’s life.

What Can You Buy Online

A large number of people buy almost everything from groceries to gold on the internet. One needs just basic knowledge to operate a cell phone and he/she can enjoy shopping while sitting at home. Earlier people were afraid of losing their money for paying for an article that they were not viewing physically. But the option of cash on delivery has done away with that fear. An option of EMI (equated monthly instalments) that is to pay in smaller instalments is also available at most of the shopping sites. People who can’t pay the full price of the product in one go can still buy the product through an online EMI scheme.
Besides buying goods we can buy online services also. For example, the services of beauticians, plumbers, electricians, and home-maids can also be arranged online through various sites. It is so easy that even kids can shop online.

Online Shopping by Mobile Apps

Nowadays all the e-commerce sites have launched their mobile apps to make it even easier. Open the app, click on the items that you wish to buy and proceed to checkout and shopping is done. The day and date of delivery will be mentioned there. The most interesting part is that change and return options are also available here like our physical shopping.
With each and every passing day, more buyers are getting attracted to online purchasing because it has a long list of benefits.

Advantages Of Online Shopping | Pros of Online Shopping

  • gives access to a wide variety of products, prices and features compared with similar products.
  • saves time and we can devote our time towards more productive causes.
  • saves fuel and becomes the reason for less pollution and traffic jam.
  • We need not wait for our weekly off because online stores are 24 hours open.
  • We can read the reviews of a product if there is any doubt regarding its quality.
  • Goods are relatively cheaper at online stores because their maintenance expenses are almost negligible.
  • Online shopping companies offer their customers ample deals to sell their products like offering cash backs, lucky draws, festive sales, huge discounts and whatnot!
  • Big celebrities are often seen doing advertisements on these shopping sites to attract customers.
  • The buyer can choose from the goods and services available on the website and get them delivered directly to his/her place after making the payment. Or one can choose ‘the cash-on-delivery (COD) option.
  • People can buy in the wee hours, that is, even after midnight.

There are many advantages of online shopping but as every coin has two sides, online shopping is no exception. It has some disadvantages also, which are discussed below:

Disadvantages of Online Shopping | Cons of Online Shopping

A few people might experience the following disadvantages of online shopping which spoil their fun and comfort of online shopping. But, certain precautions and vigilant behaviour are a prerequisite to fully exploring the horizon of internet shopping.

  • Cases of delivering damaged products are reported.
  • Shipping problems delayed deliveries and high delivery charges
  • fraudulent payments and hacking of personal information
  • No salesperson to help while selecting
  • Online buying does not let small and local shopkeepers come on upfront. Big business houses are taking away their portion of sales through online buying.

Precautions Before Online Shopping

By following certain precautionary steps one can avoid these disadvantages of online shopping. Always buy from trusted websites, read reviews and users’ comments from various sites, and read product features and return policies thoroughly. It is evident now that the positive side overshadows the negative side. Happy online shopping.

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Online Shopping Essay (Word-Meaning)

MythologicalThe popular belief that may or may not be true
SageSomeone who has attained wisdom
DeitiesGod, Goddess
SecureSafe or Protected
GroceriesItems of food sold in a supermarket

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