My responsibility as a Citizen during the pandemic Essay

This essay- My responsibility as a Citizen in the pandemic- highlights the qualities of a good citizen and a citizen’s responsibilities during the pandemic or any other crisis. It can be an important topic for high school students in 2021 final exams. So, you must read it once to define what it means to be a good citizen during covid-19 pandemic.

Essay on ‘My responsibility as a Citizen during the pandemic’ (300 words)

Living in a democratic country we enjoy many privileges and benefits. Our constitution has provided us with the right to speak, to elect the government, and to roam openly at public places. But, it is a two-sided coin where rights and responsibilities go hand in hand. We enjoy our rights and live life happily most of the time. But situations never stay the same always.

Unfortunate events and natural disasters call for the need of citizens’ responsibility towards the people and the nation as a whole. I realised some of my duties during coronavirus 2019 pandemic. National borders of all the countries were sealed in March 2020 for an indefinite time.

People are called upon to join in communal efforts in tough Times. It is every citizen’s duty to follow the guidelines laid down to contain covid-19. From wearing a mask to maintain social distancing can make a lot of difference.

While arranging food for my family during pandemic is my first and foremost duty, it is a part of my social responsibility to ensure that food does not get wasted. Individual efforts can create a major difference to other citizens.

Social responsibility pops up with the emergence of any unprecedented happenings. If my neighbour is tested covid-positive, it is my unprescribed duty to arrange for food and other essential commodities at least for 14 days.

Staying quarantined and indoors is mandatory for every citizen so that the infection does not spread to others. Senior citizens living alone in my society must be counted on my priority list during a pandemic. A responsible citizen must refrain from holding parties or avoid gatherings to control the pandemic.

On one hand our government was honouring the covid Warriors with claps, flowers, and candles. While on the other hand some irresponsible citizens were torturing them to such by throwing stones on them or evacuating them from rented rooms.

We must remember that inverse conditions are the best time to judge a person so I believe it is the moral duty of every citizen to fulfil our social responsibility in the time of crisis.

My responsibility as a Citizen during the pandemic- Paragraph in 100 words

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