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You can write this essay on your first online class experience in your school or college exams. It is a funny incident which can be read just for fun also. Most of the students in India attended online classes for the first time. For some first online class experience was a nightmare while others just can’t forget the wonderful experience of their first online class. A paragraph on online class experience for classes 1-5 is also uploaded for kids. Don’t forget to check the meanings of difficult words given at the bottom of the page.

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Composition on My first Online Class Experience Essay (Class 6-12)

I study in class 11th. I am preparing for engineering now. I was studying with the help of a local tutor till my 10th class. After passing class 10th and choosing engineering as my subject I felt like taking coaching from someone very popular and known for engineering. So I started searching about engineering coaching on Google and other platforms.

As you may know, whatever we search on Google it starts displaying repeated ads related to that only. Ads related to Engineering coaching started popping up whenever I opened Google. At last, I got trapped in one of the ads and enrolled myself on a two-year entrance preparation course. My father complained that it’s so costly, almost double the amount charged by local coaching institutes.

But I managed to convince my father by explaining that it was among the top 10 coaching institutes. In less than a day, admission formalities were over and the next day was scheduled for my first class. I had already prepared the setup to attend my first online class.

Soon the class began. The teacher started explaining physics to us. After completing the lesson she put up a quiz for us. Although I could answer most of them, I lagged behind because my wifi connection was slow. So, I could not leave an impression in my first online class.

Soon the second lecture on Math started. I was copying the written screen before me. By the time I could raise my virtual hand, the teacher had already erased the answer. I could do nothing except blaming my slow writing speed.

I am not good at writing English, so I could not convey my doubt to the teacher. I felt bad about it and exited the class. It was my first online class experience. Though my first online class was not good. Later on, after attending 10 to 12 classes I got to know certain hacks. I got accustomed to online classes and distance education. To conclude I would say my traditional classes are far better than online classes. I don’t like this idea of virtual classrooms at all and wish for my schools to reopen soon.

Don’t forget to watch the video to know the real experience of an online class by a student.

‘पहली ऑनलाइन क्लास का अनुभव’ निबंध

Write a paragraph on your experience with online classes | Composition on Online Class
(Class 1-5)

My name is Aarav and I am in class 5th. I am very fond of computers and mobile phones but my elder sister does not allow me to touch her laptop.

Lockdown gave me a chance to lay my hands on the laptop. My happiness knew no bounds. I learnt the nitty-gritty of online classes in the very first class. When I saw my teacher and classmates on the screen, I could not control my laughter and smile. It was an amazing experience I could talk to my teacher. It was similar to making a video call on WhatsApp.

In the first online class itself, we were taught about wild animals. The teacher showed us pictures of all the animals technically. It was so great to see the animals. In this way, the students could learn in a better way.

I love online classes because I can attend my classes sitting at home in my air-conditioned room. School classrooms do not have A.C. The fans there make so much noise. Sometimes I watch my favourite cartoon serials on youtube when the teacher repeats any lesson. Online classes save me from the morning rush to the bus stop. My mother, too, liked the idea of an online parent-teacher meeting (ptm).

I was very happy after my first online class and I want all the classes should be conducted only online throughout my school life.

Difficult WordsMeaning in Hindi
Fond ofशौकीन
Opportunityअवसर, मौका
Happiness knew no boundsखुशी का ठिकाना ना रहना, बहुत अधिक खुश होना
Nitty-Grittyकिसी काम के महत्वपूर्ण पहलू
Morning Rushसुबह तैयार होकर कहीं निकलने की जल्दी

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You can share your online class experience here. Others would love to read it.

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