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In this article, you will read about the dreams and expectations of people of various age groups in the new year. You can add what you expect from the coming new year after the stressful 2021 and what is your new year 2022 resolution.

My New Year Resolution Essay -1

Hello readers, I am a blogger and a housewife. It has been just a year since I started my blogging journey, it all started during lockdown 2020. I feel last year was fortunate for me as I got time and guts to follow my passion.
In the year 2022, I am planning to enrol myself on a content writing course to polish my writing skills. I want to go deeper into the field of blogging. It will have a dual effect on my life- it would enable me to earn my first income and expand my knowledge horizon too.
Besides my professional life, I have some expectations for my family life which can’t take a back seat. I dream that my children would excel in their respective fields of study. I expect my husband, a businessman, to eat on time, take care of his health, and keep his weight under control. If God is kind enough to shower more earnings on us, we would plan a family trip with that money.
I would conclude this essay before I sound boring to you. In the end, I would pray to God to save all the earthlings from evils and diseases. Any of us do not want to face any epidemic or pandemic for the coming years of our life.

My New Year Resolution Essay- 2

Last year my cousin told me about the new year resolution. It fascinated me so much that I had decided in my mind that I would also make a resolution on the 1st of January 2022. So, here comes my new year resolution in front of you.
Resolution is a promise that we make to ourselves to change, improve, or quit any bad habit or learn something new within a preset time frame.

My New Year 2022 resolution is about improving the English language. In my previous class, I got only 50% marks in English. This year I will try my best to take it to at least 75%. I am not saying 95% or 100% because that will make it unachievable. My cousin told me that one should always make practical resolutions.

To fulfil my resolution I searched for certain websites and YouTube channels that teach the English language for class 10th. I found Homework Help by RG to be the best suitable channel for me and I subscribed to it. I did so because here the teacher is teaching English in the Hindi language which I can understand easily. Moreover, she explains even the minute details of common errors that students make in English writing.

My second resolution is to make myself healthy. Last year my annual health checkup report showed that I was low in haemoglobin (HB). It made my parents angry with me. The doctor warned me that skipping fruits and vegetables from our daily diet can have disastrous consequences.

I have got a customised diet plan from the doctor in which he has advised me to eat 2 servings of fruits every day which I would try to follow. For the first one month, I would start with one serving. Gradually when I get into the habit of eating fruits, I would shift to two servings in a day.

I am hopeful of fulfilling my resolutions positively. I feel like everyone should resolve them. A new year is a perfect time to resolve. I wind up here and aspire to achieve my resolution in the year 2022.

Happy New Year 2022!! What are your expectations from 2022? Do let us know of your new year 2022 resolution by commenting below.

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