Why do you think Mr Keesing chose the title incorrigible?

Q Why do you think Mr Keesing chose the title incorrigible?
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To answer this question first let us understand the Meaning of Incorrigible – difficult or impossible to manage or control

Incorrigible Meaning in Hindi – जिसका सुधार न हो सके, जिसे ठीक नहीं किया जा सकता

ANS: Mr Keesing called Anne “incorrigible” because she often didn’t follow the rules. She was strong-willed, spoke her mind, and didn’t easily listen to others. The title shows that she was seen as someone who couldn’t be easily changed or corrected. It reflects her spirited personality and how she stayed true to herself, even when it was hard during the difficult times of hiding. “Incorrigible” suggests she didn’t easily obey or fit in, emphasizing her determination to be herself, no matter what others thought or expected.

ANS: Mr Keesing likely chose the title “an incorrigible” for Anne Frank due to her persistent rebellious and challenging behaviour. Throughout her diary, Anne openly expresses her opinions, questions authority, and resists societal norms. Her strong-willed nature and refusal to conform to expectations make her appear “incorrigible” in the eyes of authority figures like Mr. Keesing. The title captures the essence of Anne’s spirited personality, emphasizing her determination to remain true to herself despite the challenging circumstances of hiding during the Holocaust. The term suggests a defiance of conventional norms, highlighting Anne’s resilience and refusal to be easily influenced or corrected.

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