Motivational CR Speech for College Election

I delivered this CR speech in college to win those college elections that seemed difficult on its face. But the right public speaking strategy and the right speech will pave the way for you.

My CR Speech for College Election

Difficulty level: Advanced

I’m honoured to be standing before you today. It was a dream I almost thought was impossible. Every semester, I watched one student out of hundreds stand on this podium to deliver a speech. I think to myself why did they choose to do that? What moved them to take on such responsibilities? Then, I realized that maybe for them this is a dream too just like it is for me. But standing here today means I must have something worth paying; something that might not necessarily inspire you to change your life or even leave you with a sense of astonishment but something that might establish a connection among us.

Today, I decided to talk to you about things that are common between us. Did you feel troubled while choosing between the sciences and the Earth’s believing it to be a life-changing decision? or when you were too attached to a group of people not ready for it to let them go or when you were fearing that your life was not going in towards the right direction. Fear has been the one thing that has accompanied you through it all and no matter how far you move away from it, it keeps coming back.

We probably all have that in common. No one told me that being afraid during these moments only makes way for appreciation, love, care and development. No one told me that these moments when you feel like you’re on the verge of breaking down actually build your strength beyond anyone’s imagination and no one told me that every time I believe that fear and pain were constant they weren’t. But that it would feed my faith in something that’s perhaps larger than thought.

But I tell you, embrace them as the time comes for us to walk out of these doors as students perhaps for the last time and venture into the real world. As they say that every challenge, every course and every obstacle within these gates was just as real as anything out there and if you’ve gone through the journey without needing to believe in any of your fears you can definitely go out there and conquer this world.

Remember that it’s also okay to be afraid beyond them, it’s okay because it will teach you that whichever hardship you thought was constant actually is not. Only you can determine if this fear will hold you down or push you forward. Only you can decide where your fears will take you to. Embrace it, appreciate it and let it take you to places you never imagined.

At last, do let me know by the intensity of your applause how many of you are coming with me.

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