The Proposal Word Meaning, Sentences in Hindi Class 10 English

Here is a list of the most important word meaning of The proposal class 10 to enable you to write very short, short and long subjective answers for the Class 10 English exam. To avoid confusion and boredom, only the important words have been included.

A line-by-line thorough reading of the lessons is even more important now. As we know that CBSE is focussing on Competency-based questions that include more vocabulary-based questions, and perception and inference-based questions. To be able to answer these types of newly added questions, you need to expand your word power, that is, vocabulary. So, it’s an initiative by Essayshout to make students understand the meaning of difficult words encountered in CBSE class 10th textbooks. However, knowing a word’s meaning is of no use until and unless you learn to write it in sentences. That’s why we have included 3 sentences; one related to the story of the lesson and two general sentences to exemplify the new word’s correct usage. In addition, you can frame your own sentences to test yourself and get your sentences checked by our expert teachers.

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The Proposal Word Meaning, Sentences in Hindi | CBSE Class 10 English The First Flight

PROPOSAL meaning

Meaning in English: an act of formally asking somebody to marry you, to offer someone for marriage

Meaning in Hindi: किसी को शादी का ऑफर देना, विवाह का प्रस्ताव

How do you write Proposal in a sentence?

1. Lomov came up with a marriage proposal for Natalya.
2. Natalya wanted to accept Lomov’s proposal for marriage.
3. He proposed to the girl in front of his friends.


Meaning in English: Feelings of having a fast heart beating

Meaning in Hindi: दिल की तेज़ धड़कन, दिल के धड़कने की आवाज़ें


  1. Lomov was suffering from heart palpitations.
  2. He could not control his palpitations and fell into the armchair.
  3. I could clearly hear my heart’s palpitations after getting the news of the aeroplane crash.

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Meaning in English: so much in love with someone who may or may not love him/her (this phrase came from a fable of a cat who loved her owner and got her wish granted to become a young woman to marry him.)

Meaning in Hindi: किसी के प्यार में पागल


  1. Natalya’s father said that she was a lovesick cat.
  2. ‘Laila-Majnu’ is a story of a lovesick couple based on great folklore.
  3. Bollywood is full of lovesick stories of actors and actresses.


Meaning in English: to show great (public) respect for somebody/something (one can prefix ‘honoured’ to someone’s name to show respect for them)

Meaning in Hindi: किसी के प्रति इज्जत और सम्मान दिखाना


  1. Chubukov felt so honoured that Lomov had asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage.
  2. All the honoured guests were welcomed at the airport.
  3. Honoured Stepan Stepanovitch, I have a marriage proposal for your daughter, Natalya.


Meaning in English: to receive property or money from your parents or grandparents,

Meaning in Hindi: विरासत या उत्तराधिकार में मिलना, अपने माता -पिता या रिश्तेदारों से धन या संपत्ति मिलना


  1. Lomov said that he had inherited Oxen meadows from his late aunt and her husband.
  2. She inherited a love for food from her father.
  3. I have inherited quite a little money from my grandmother.


Meaning in English: grabbing or seizing other’s land in an unlawful manner

meaning in Hindi: किसी की ज़मीन पर गैर कानूनी तरीके से कब्ज़ा करने वाला।


  1. Lomov called Chubukov a land grabber.
  2. Most land grabbers come in disguise as tenants.
  3. Be cautious of land grabbers before renting your property.


meaning in English: a special right or advantage over others

Meaning in Hindi: दूसरों की तुलना में कोई खास फायदा या अधिकार मिलना, विशेषाधिकार, सौभाग्य, मौका, अवसर।


  1. Lomov expressed that he already had the privilege to ask Chubukov’s help once.
  2. Children born in wealthy families enjoy many privileges over children born in poor families.
  3. People are attracted towards politics due to the hidden privileges.


Meaning in English: (an idiom) to get rid of your responsibility, relief from worry

Meaning in Hindi: (मुहावरा) कंधों का बोझ हल्का होना – किसी बड़ी ज़िम्मेदारी या काम से मुक्त होना।


  1. When Lomov and Natalya mutually agreed to marry, Chubukov felt a weight off his shoulders.
  2. I will have a weight off my shoulders after my final exams.
  3. After the repayment of the loan, I had a weight off my shoulders.


Meaning in English: a French white wine which has a lot of bubbles in it and is often very expensive

Meaning in Hindi: फ़्रांस की एक महंगी शराब


  1. Chubukov was happy about Natalya and Lomov’s wedding and offered champagne to all.
  2. They all had a toast of champagne at the new year’s party.
  3. He threw a champagne bottle over the running thief.

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