Mijbil the Otter Question Bank Answers Class 10 English

The following questions and answers are a part of Mijbil the Otter Question Bank released by CBSE to give students a glimpse of the competency-based questions. Some questions are tricky as these have nothing to do with the story or the text of the lesson but these questions are put up based on real-life situations. So, you do not need to mug up these answers, instead, learn the correct way to present your views correlating to the story. Answers to all the questions are given along with.

Mijbil the Otter Question Bank Class 10 English

(A) For the first twenty-four hours Mijbil was neither hostile nor friendly; he was simply aloof and indifferent, choosing to sleep on the floor as far from my bed as possible. The second night Mijbil came onto my bed in the small hours and remained asleep in the crook of my knees until the servant brought tea in the morning, and during the day he began to lose his apathy and take a keen, much too keen, interest in his surroundings. I made a body belt for him and took him on a lead to the bathroom, where for half an hour he went wild with joy in the water, plunging and rolling in it, shooting up and down the length of the bathtub underwater, and making enough slosh and splash for a hippo.

i “Mijbil was neither hostile nor friendly; he was simply aloof and indifferent…” From the actions of the given set of friends, choose the person whose behaviour is likely to resemble Mijbil’s.

a) Akanksha rudely tells her best friend to stop calling.
b) Piyush was amicable since the day he walked into his new classroom.
c) Rishabh became nasty as soon as he started earning money.
d) Urvashi was distant for a while after losing her grandmother.

ii Select the option that correctly puts the following events in the correct order.

1) Maxwell planned to take Mijbil to the bathroom.
2) Mijbil slept at a significant distance from Maxwell’s bed.
3) Mijbil immensely enjoyed playing in the water.
4) Mijbil slept in a much closer vicinity to the author as opposed to the previous night.
a) 1, 3, 4, 2
b) 3, 1, 2, 4
c) 2, 4, 1, 3
d) 4, 3, 1, 2

iii The words “slosh and splash” are examples of the onomatopoeic words that go together phonetically-resembling the sound that they describe. Choose the option that DOES NOT fit the given description.

a) hip hop
b) bow wow
c) tick tock
d) pitter-patter

iv Choose the option that correctly describes a body belt in the given context as explained by the four people given below.

a) A body belt is a device specially made for swimmers and scuba divers, which helps them breathe underwater.
b) Body belts basically resemble waist belts and keep our body upright, in a standing position.
c) Body belts are used for restraining while doing certain activities, in order to prevent hurt.
d) A body belt is an accessory used by bodybuilders for weight training as a measure against muscle and bone injuries.

v Select the option that best describes the final action of the otter, based on the given passage.

Mijbil the Otter Question Bank answers

a) Option (1)
b) Option (2)
c) Option (3)
d) Option (4)

Answer Key MCQ (A) Mijbil the Otter Question Bank

i (d)
ii (c)
iii (a)
iv (c)
v (b)

CBSE Class 10 Mijbil the Otter Question Bank Answers

(B) When I returned, there was an appalling spectacle. There was complete silence from the box, but from its airholes and chinks around the lid, blood had trickled and dried. I whipped off the lock and tore open the lid, and Mij, exhausted and blood-spattered, whimpered and caught at my leg. He had torn the box’s lining to shreds; when I removed the last of it so that there were no cutting edges left, it was just ten minutes until the time of the flight, and the airport was five miles distant. I put the miserable Mij back into the box, holding down the lid with my hand. I sat in the back of the car with the box beside me as the driver tore through the streets of Basra like a ricocheting bullet.

i. Choose the speaker that uses the phrase ‘appalling spectacle’ correctly.

Speaker 1 – We got back home to see that our pet dog had eaten kheer my mother had kept out of the fridge. Indeed, an appalling spectacle.

Speaking 2 – We got back home and witnessed that our cousin had dressed our pet dog in his t-shirt. Have to admit that it was an appalling spectacle.

Speaker 3 – We got back home to see our pet dog sitting with a mangled rat. It was an appalling spectacle.

Speaking 4 – We got back home from the airport and observed our pet dog sound asleep on the rug. What an appalling spectacle!

a) Speaker 1
b) Speaker 2
c) Speaker 3
d) Speaker 4

ii “whipped off”, is an example of a phrasal verb i.e. a combination of a verb and a preposition. Choose the option that DOES NOT fit the given definition.

Mijbil the Otter Question Bank answers

a) Option 1
b) Option 2
c) Option 3
d) Option 4

iii Choose the option closest to the box’s condition in which Mij was kept.

Mijbil the Otter Question Bank answers

a) Option (1)
b) Option (2)
c) Option (3)
d) Option (4)

iv Select the option that DOES NOT state the possible reason for Maxwell’s cutting the box edges off.

a) Mij could have injured himself further.
b) It could have made the place untidy.
c) Mij could have accidentally swallowed the torn pieces
d) It could have obstructed the shutting of the lid.

v Choose the option that correctly states Maxwell’s likely feelings, in the situation below.
“… I put the miserable Mij back into the box, holding down the lid with my hand.”

1 anxious
2 disappointed
3 terrified
4 guilty
5 insulted

a) 1 and 5
b) 2 and 3
c) 1 and 4
d) 3 and 5

Answer Key MCQ (B) Mijbil the Otter Question Bank

I (c) speaker 3
ii (b) option 2
iii (d)
iv (b)
v (c)

10 Quick revision Questions for 2022-23

Q10 Answer in 20-30 words Mijbil The Otter Question Bank

i “…every drop of water must be, so to speak, extended and spread about the place…” Describe Maxwell’s observation regarding Mij with reference to the given quote.

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ii Maxwell’s fear of sending Mij to England was legitimate. Give a reason.

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After boarding the plane when the air hostess asked Maxwell to keep his pet on his lap, the Otter jumped out and terrified all the passengers. Maxwell had already anticipated it which caused fear in his mind.

iii Maxwell was justified in thinking very highly of the air hostess. Justify

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iv Compare any one compulsive human habit with respect to the otter’s compulsive habit, as mentioned in the text.

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Q11 Mijbil The Otter Question Answer (40-50 words)

i What would you say was the greatest obstacle faced by the narrator in transporting Mijbil to Camusfearna?

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ii There is not a dull moment when pets are around. Explain how this holds true in the case of “Mijbil the Otter”.

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iii Peculiar behaviours is a characteristic of Otters. Discuss with respect to “Mijbil the Otter”.

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iv Without the assistance of the air hostess, the narrator could not have transported Mijbil from Basra to London safely. Comment.

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v Mijbil caused a sensation in London. Expound with reference to the chapter “Mijbil the Otter”.

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Q12 Mijbil The Otter Long Questions (Answer in 100-120 words) (beyond text and across texts Question Bank)

i Imagine yourself to be the narrator of “Mijbil the Otter”. A friend of yours is confused about whether to adopt an otter as a pet or not and has asked for your advice. Based on the experiences described in the chapter, write a letter to your friend giving your opinion on the matter. You may use the prompt given below.

XYZ, Camusfearna
Sandaig Bay, UK
4 December ‘61
Dear Gavin
Trust you and Mij are doing well. I am writing for a special reason that will surely interest you. This is because it concerns the love of your life- otters! I have been….

Yours affectionately

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ii The People’s Collective for Endangered Species has invited the narrator of “Mijbil the Otter” as a guest speaker to address the audience about the importance of protecting Otters and their natural habitats like lakes and ponds.
As the narrator, pen down a speech detailing your own experience with Mijbil and why it is important to conserve water bodies for animals like Otters.
You may use the prompt given below –

My Experiences with Mijbil
Theodore Roosevelt said, “Wildlife cannot speak, so we must and we will.”

Dear friends, I have had a pet otter named Mijbil as my roommate for several years now. What I want to share with you today, is how all forms of wildlife are integral for …………..

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iii If Mijbil were living in the world of the poem, The Tale of Custard the Dragon, how do you think he would have
(a) behaved with Custard?
(b) reacted to the appearance of the pirate?
Rationalise your answer

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