15 Best Metaphors for Home with Examples

A metaphor is a figure of speech that compares two things without using the words “like” or “as”. It’s a way of describing something by saying that it is something else. For example, saying “the world is a stage” is a metaphor because it’s comparing the world to a stage.

Metaphors are commonly used in literature and poetry to create vivid and imaginative descriptions. They can make writing more interesting and help readers better understand and visualize what the writer is trying to convey.

The poem “Home” by Arundhathi Subramaniam excellently uses many popular metaphors for home. Below this poem, we will be reading 15 different examples of metaphors in poetry for home one by one, from both known and less-known works of poems.

Home is a sanctuary, a haven,
A nest that nurtures, a fortress that defends,
A canvas that invites the colours of the soul,
A balm that soothes, a stimulant that inspires.

Home is where memories are made,
And laughter echoes through the halls,
Where tears are shed and fears are calmed,
And love is felt in every corner.

Home is where the heart finds solace,
And the mind finds peace,
Where one can be their true self,
Without fear or judgement.

Home is not just a place,
But a feeling, a sense of belonging,
A connection to one's roots,
And a reminder of who we are.

Home is where we gather strength,
To face the world outside,
And where we return at the end of the day,
To find comfort and rest.

Home is a sanctuary, a haven,
A nest that nurtures, a fortress that defends,
A canvas that invites the colours of the soul,
A balm that soothes, a stimulant that inspires.

List of Metaphors in Poetry for home

1 My home is a sanctuary

When we say that home is a sanctuary, we mean that it’s a place where we feel protected and at ease. For example, after a long day at work, coming home to a quiet and comfortable space can feel like a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

for example – the poem “Sanctuary” by Jeanne Lohmann

My home is a sanctuary 
from the noise and frenzy of the world
I step inside and close the door
and feel the weight of the world fall away 
I am surrounded by my own things 
books, paintings, and photographs
each one a reminder of who I am 
and who I have been 
This is my space, my refuge 
where I can be alone with my thoughts 
and let my soul breathe

2 My Home is a nest

A nest is a structure built by birds to hold their eggs and provide a safe space for their young to grow. When we say that home is a nest, we mean that it’s a place where we can nurture ourselves and those we love, just as birds nurture their young in a nest. For example, if a family spends time cooking and sharing meals together at home, they might describe their home as a nest where they can nourish and support one another.

Metaphor Examples in poetry

3 My Home is a haven

A haven is a place of safety or refuge, particularly from something difficult or challenging. When we say that home is a haven, we mean that it’s a place where we can escape from the stresses and pressures of daily life. For example, during a global pandemic, many people found that their homes became a haven from the anxieties and uncertainties of the outside world.

4 My Home is a cocoon

A cocoon is a protective covering that surrounds a developing creature, such as a butterfly or moth. When we say that home is a cocoon, we mean that it’s a protective space where we can feel comfortable and be ourselves. For example, if someone has had a long day and wants to relax in their own space, they might describe their home as a cocoon that shields them from the outside world.

5 My Home is a castle

A castle is a fortified structure that offers protection and security. This metaphor is especially used when you want to say that nobody can easily enter your home.

Metaphor Example – My Home is a Castle” by Valsa George

My home is a castle, strong and secure, 
A refuge from the storms that life may lure, 
With ramparts high, and walls so thick, 
It is the best shelter when things go sick.
It is a fortress that keeps foes at bay, 
And where love and peace always hold sway,
Inside its precincts, I feel so blessed,
For my castle offers the best retreat and rest.

6 My home is a classroom

A classroom is associated with a school where you spend many years of your life learning things. When you get a lot of teaching (both formal and informal), you can write classroom metaphors for your home. it is said that children brought up in a joint family tend to learn more values.

7 My home is a Library

A home filled with books, knowledge, and learning can be a metaphorical library, a place of intellectual curiosity and growth. Home can be a place where we expand our minds and explore new ideas.

8 My Home is a workplace

Earlier home used to be a workplace for housewives, but in the current work-from-home scenario, people working through their phones and laptops can call their home a workplace.

9 Home is a mirror

A mirror is a reflective surface that shows us an image of ourselves. When we say that home is a mirror, we mean that it reflects who we are and what we value. For example, if someone’s home is full of artwork and books, they might describe it as a mirror that reflects their love for books and art and craft.

10 My Home is a dream

Referring to one’s home as a dream is a poetic way of expressing a deep emotional connection to a place, and suggests that the home holds significant personal and emotional value. If a poet refers to their home as a “dream,” it could suggest that they see their home as a place that represents their ideal or perfect living situation. It may also indicate that their home is a place where they feel truly happy and fulfilled like they are living a dream come true.

11 My Home is a Battlefield

This metaphor example conveys a negative connotation about a home. We often hear that a husband and a wife fight today, resolve tomorrow, and fight again the day after. When these small chit-chats become more frequent, a home can be called a battlefield.

Home is a Battlefield” by Samantha Reynolds

Home is a battlefield
where we fight our demons
and our angels
where we measure
the distance between our hearts
and where we love and hurt
and makeup and love again

If you happen to visit an Indian home, their customs and traditions can be correlated with their home decor ideas. Even the bed sheet spread out in a home tells a lot about their roots and preferences.

12 My home is a Fish Market

You can call a home a fish market if there is non-stop noise and full-day hustle-bustle. It usually happens in a home with a large number of family members or many members in a joint family. Sometimes, a fish market-type scene can be observed at parties.

13 my home is a junkyard

If one calls his house a junkyard, it means it is untidy. There is no caretaker for this house, nothing can be found in the proper place, and everything is scattered. This reflects the carefree and lethargic nature of the dwellers.

14 My home is a Prison

Home can also be a metaphorical prison, a place of punishment or confinement where we feel trapped and unhappy. You must have heard that politicians are house-arrested sometimes, which means, they are staying in their house but all the time somebody is spying on them. People experienced it during the covid quarantine time period.

15 My home is a Graveyard

Home can be a metaphorical graveyard, a place where dreams and ambitions go to die, where we feel stuck in the past and unable to move forward.


Hope the top 15 metaphors for ‘home’ would prove useful for you. This list of home metaphors outlines just a few of the best metaphors. If you’re coming up with your own metaphors for figurative or creative writing, you can always think up anything that relates to home and write in the comments to let the world know about your imagination.

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