MCQ Based Unseen Passage for Class 9-12 | Mock Test 2021

As the exams are approaching, we have brought to you one more MCQ based unseen passage. This unseen passage for classes 9-12 has been sourced from CBSE sample paper 2016-17. Don’t run away…continue reading. This passage has been refurbished as an unseen passage with multiple-choice questions. Although the reading passage dates back to 5 years, it still holds good in the present scenario. It was put up in the pre-board 2021 exam of class 12 in a reputed school in Delhi. So, you can’t afford to escape it. It will hardly take 10 minutes to answer this reading comprehension passage. You can download the full unsolved Mock Test Paper from the link given below.

MCQ Based Unseen Passage for Class 9-12 | ‘iPod oblivion’ Passage

Q. 1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow: (8 marks)

(1) These days, it is not unusual to see people listening to music or using their electronic gadgets while crossing busy roads or travelling on public transports, regardless of the risks involved. I have often wondered why they take such risks; is it because they want to exude a sense of independence, or is it that they want to tell the world to stop bothering them? Or is it that they just want to show how cool they are? Whether it is a workman or an executive, earphones have become an inseparable part of our lives, sometimes even leading to tragic-comic situations.

(2) The other day, an electrician had come to our house to fix something. We told him in detail what needed to be done. But after he left, I found that the man had done almost nothing. It later turned out that he could not hear our directions clearly because he had an earphone on. Hundreds of such earphones addicts commute by the Delhi Metro every day. While one should not begrudge anyone their moments of privacy or their love for music, the fact is ‘iPod oblivion’ can sometimes be very dangerous.

(3) Recently, I was travelling with my wife on the Delhi Metro. Since the train was approaching the last station, there weren’t too many passengers. In our compartment, other than us, there were only two women sitting on the other side of the aisle. And then suddenly, I spotted a duffel bag. The bomb scare lasted for several minutes. Then suddenly, a youth emerged from nowhere and picked up the bag. When we tried to stop him, he looked at us, surprised. Then he took off his earpieces, lifted the bag, and told us that the bag belonged to him and that he was going to get off at the next station.

(4) We were stunned but recovered in time to ask him where he was all this while. His answer: he was in the compartment, leaning against the door totally immersed in the music. He had no clue about what was going on around him. When he got off, earplugs in his hand, we could hear strains of the song.

Passage Source: CBSE Sample Paper 2016-17

Term 1 Class 12 English Mock Test (Free)

MCQ Based Unseen Passage for Class 9-12 | Term 1 Unseen Passage with Multiple Choice Questions

(A) Read the above passage and answer the questions that follow: (1×5 = 5 marks)

Question 1 The reason for people listening to music or using their electronic gadgets while crossing busy roads or travelling on public transport is that day
a. they do not want to be disturbed.
b. they want to show how fashionable they are.
c. they want to show their Independence.
d. all of these

Question 2 Why had the electrician done nothing? because…
a. he had not heard them.
b. he was listening to music.
c. he was not interested in the job.
d. because he could not understand what needed to be fixed.

Question 3 Which of the following correctly lists the tone with which the author had written the passage?
1 humorous
2 sarcastic
3 serious
4 informative
5 resentful

a. 1 and 5
b. 2 and 4
c. 3 and 5
d. 1 and 4

Question 4 The author says that we should not resent people
a. indulging in their love for music
b. wanting privacy
c. both A and B
d. neither a nor b

Question 5 The bomb scare happened because…
a. it was a better bag.
b. no one came to claim it.
c. it consisted of wires.
d. it was suspicious-looking.

Question 6 The passengers were stunned because…
a. the youth was careless.
b. the bag contained a bomb.
c. the youth had not been visible anywhere near the bag earlier.
d. None of the above.

Question 7 Pick the option showing the correct use of ‘stunned’ as used in the passage.
a. the animals are stunned before slaughter.
b. the robbers stunned the guard by banging him on the head.
c. many cinema-goers were stunned by the film’s violent and tragic end.
d. the impact of the ball had stunned her.

Question 8 The word in the passage is an antonym of absorb.
a. exude
b. bothering
c. commute
d. stunned

Question 9 ‘iPod Oblivion’ can be defined as
a. the popularity of music
b. the carelessness of people in Metro
c. the carelessness of people while listening to music
d. the forget fullness of people.

Question 10 The synonym of absorbed used in paragraph 4 is
a. recovered
b. immersed
c. stunned
d. soaked 

MCQ based unseen passage class 12 (Answer Key)

  1. d
  2. a
  3. c
  4. c
  5. b
  6. c
  7. c
  8. a
  9. c
  10. b

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