Nelson Mandela Class 10 CBSE Question Bank 2021 Answers

Nelson Mandela Class 10 English most expected questions released in CBSE Question Bank 2021. All the answers with explanation are provided by essayshout to help students of class 10. MCQ answers are given after the last question of each MCQ. You must watch the video attached for the Hindi explanation.

Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom |Extra Question Answers | Class 10 |CBSE Question Bank 2021

Q3 Multiple Choice Questions based on an extract
(A) “We, who were outlaws not so long ago, have today been given the rare privilege to be host to the nations of the world on our own soil. We thank all of our distinguished international guests for having come to take possession with the people of our country of what is, after all, a common victory for justice, for peace, for human dignity.”

I 1. The guests at the spectacular ceremony are being called distinguished because they
a) they have been invited as guests to attend it.
b) they are eminent world leaders witnessing it.
c) they are visiting the country for this purpose.
d) they have resumed diplomatic relations with the country.

ii It is a victory for ‘human dignity’. Pick the option that lists the correct answer for what ‘human dignity’ would include.
a) i) equality ii) liberty iii) indecency
b) i) liberty ii) indecency iii) self-respect
c) i) immorality ii) self-respect iii) equality
d) i) equality ii) liberty iii) self-respect

iii Why does the speaker say that it is a ‘rare privilege’? He says this as they have
a) been deprived of this honour.
b) seldom been given this honour.
c) experienced it for the first time.
d) been chosen over other countries, for this honour

iv How do you think the speaker feels? Choose the option that best fits his state of mind.
a) i) emotional ii) elated iii) unmindful
b) i) elated ii) unmindful iii) overwhelmed
c) i) overwhelmed ii) elated iii) honoured
d) i) elated ii) honoured iii) unmindful

v Pick the option that showcases the usage of ‘host’ as in the extract.
a) He was praised for his hospitality as the host of the party.
b) She was able to host the event without any hindrance.
c) She met the host and apologised for her friend’s misbehaviour.
d) He is the best host that one can ever come across.

Q3 (A) i) b ii) d iii) c iv) c v) b

(B) “It was only when I began to learn that my boyhood freedom was an illusion when I discovered as a young man that my freedom had already been taken from me, that I began to hunger for it. At first as a student I wanted freedom only for myself, the transitory freedoms of being able to stay out at night, read what I pleased and go where I chose. Later, as a young man in Johannesburg, I yearned for the basic and honourable freedoms…”

I The title that best suits this extract is
a) Freedom for everything
b) Knowledge about Freedom
c) Significance of Freedom
d) Realisation of Freedom

ii Why do you think the speaker mentions some freedoms as ‘transitory’?
a) The freedoms are momentary and keep changing with time.
b) The definition of freedom is constant but perspectives differ.
c) Freedom means different things to different people.
d) Freedom is not that important after a certain age.

iii Choose the option that best fits the usage of the word ‘illusion’ as used in the extract.
a) He was never able to get past the illusion.
b) The illusion I experienced was quite intriguing.
c) A large mirror in the room creates an illusion.
d) I was living under the illusion that this is possible.

iv The speaker says, ‘at first as a student I wanted freedom only for myself.’ Why do you think he only thought about himself?
a) He didn’t want to think about the freedom denied to others.
b) He was being selfish and was only bothered about himself.
c) He didn’t think that freedom denied to him was important for others.
d) He was too young to realise that freedom was denied to others as well.

v A part of the extract has been paraphrased. Choose the option that includes the most appropriate solution to the blanks in the given paraphrase of the extract. The speaker’s belief about freedom, since childhood proved false. It was not until the speaker grew up to be a young man when it i) ______ on him that he was ii) ____ of freedom. Then he began iii) ______ it.
a) i) desired ii) dawned iii) depriving
b) i) dawned ii) deprived iii) desiring
c) i) dawned ii) arrived iii) desiring
d) i) arrived ii) deprived iii) dawned

Answer Key MCQ Q3 (B) i) c ii) a iii) d iv) d v) b

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom |Extra Questions Answers | Class 10 |

Q10 Answer in 20-30 words
i Based on your reading of the lesson, what can you infer about Mandela as a father and as a leader?
Answer: Mandela was a loving father as well as a great leader. But, to make his country free from apartheid, he prioritised the role of a leader and stayed in jail for 27 years away from his family.

ii Mandela feels that courage is triumph over fear. How would you define courage in this context?
Answer: According to me, courage has to be aroused from within. One can conquer fear by facing it without thinking of its consequences. The willingness to challenge fear is courage.

iii If you were in Mandela’s position, would you have given preference to your family or your country? Why?
Answer: I would have definitely given preference to my country because living with your family and relatives without freedom seems inferior to me in front of fighting and struggling for my country and basic independence.
I would have given preference to my family as it my duty to earn bread for my old parents, wife and children (I brought them into this world). Everyone can’t be a leader. Although I would have always supported the people struggling for the rights of the underprivileged.

iv Mandela says that his country’s greatest wealth is its people and not the purest diamonds. Justify his statement.
Answer: Minerals and even the purest diamonds are worthless if the people of a country are deprived of fundamental rights. Diamonds lie beneath the soil whereas people of a country can make it great with their courage, wisdom and generosity.

Nelson Mandela | Class 10 |3 Marks Extra Questions |CBSE Question Bank |

Q11 Answer in 40-50 words
i Create a questionnaire of two most important questions that you would have liked to ask Nelson Mandela during an interview. Give your reasons for choosing those questions.
Answer: I would like to ask the following questions-
1st Query- Who was taking care of your family in your absence?
Reason- I am curious to know how the patriots family survive when they are away.

2nd Query- What lesson did imprisonment teach you?
Reason- I want to know what he learnt there inside the jail.
You can try adding more questions here by commenting at the end of the post.

ii Your teacher organised a mini-debate competition in class on the topic: Courage, Wisdom and Generosity are the ONLY attributes of a remarkable leader. Write the debate script with two points to supplement your stand, either as a proposition speaker or as an opposition one.
Answer: Good morning teachers and dear friends. Today. I have got the opportunity to present my points about a good leader. I agree with sir Nelson Mandela that courage, wisdom and generosity are the only attributes of a remarkable leader. These virtues make a leader stand apart from an ordinary man. Their wisdom and resilience is an example for us to follow in hard times.
A person becomes the leader of the masses when he fights for the legitimate rights and welfare of his countrymen. However, this generosity causes them to abandon their children. They forget their personal life and aspirations. I salute the freedom fighters all over the world, both known and unknown.
(You can edit this answer as per the word limit)

iii You recently read a blog by your teen friend, on ‘Freedom-My Perception’. You feel that your perception of freedom has seen a transformation after having read The Long Walk to Freedom.
Complete the dialogue in 120 words, with your friend, explaining your new understanding of freedom. You may begin like this:
Friend: I think the freedom to watch T.V. for extended hours or choose the
kind of programmes I’d like to view is important.
You: …I think we are privileged that we are free to choose among so many channels and programmes.
Friend: Hmmm. I still feel that the restrictions are not required. I want my
freedom. I’m human too, am I not?
You: ……We are blessed that we are born in a democratic country like India where we have got all the fundamental rights. Go, and ask the true meaning of FREEDOM from the people of South Africa who were deprived of even the basic facilities for almost one century.

iv Struggles teach us many lessons. With reference to the times, you struggled with mastering a skill or learning a concept, write about the lessons you learnt.
Answer- Being a non-native English speaker, I had trouble speaking fluent English language. I utilised my coronacation (vacation due to corona), lockdown period, to master the English language. I could explore the hidden beauty of this language only after going deep into it. To achieve this perfection I learnt that hard work, consistency, focused approach and patience are the mantras to master a skill.

Nelson Mandela Extra Questions with Answers|Class 10

Q12 Answer in 100-120 words
(beyond text and across texts)
i Freedom is inconsequential if it is behind bars of prejudice and narrow mindedness. How would you explain this statement? Support your answer with suitable examples from the real world.
Answer: This statement was given by Nelson Mandela on the institution day of South Africa. An oppressor who takes away others’ freedom is a victim of prejudice and narrow mindedness. He needs to come out of this jail first to be called free in a real sense. If a man can’t respect others’ freedom he himself is not free and needs to be educated.
Example1- Death of George Floyd (a black American) by a careless white policeman that triggered “Black Lives Matter’ and ‘I can’t Breathe’ campaigns all over America confirms the existence of apartheid.
Example2Religious discrimination and attack on minorities in Pakistan depicts that they are bound by the shackles of prejudice and narrow mindedness.

ii After having read the lesson on the oppression that communities faced in South Africa, you were deeply hurt. You could also relate to the struggles and hardships of millions of Indians who fought against the oppressive British rule.
Write a diary entry expressing your feelings about the oppression faced by people in their homeland. You may begin like this:

24 August 20XX, Monday 9:00 pm
My heart is filled with sadness as I think of the oppressed who
had to tolerate the inhuman attitude of the oppressors in their
own land. …………………………
24 August 20XX, Monday 9:00 pm
My heart is filled with sadness as I think of the oppressed who
had to tolerate the inhuman attitude of the oppressors in their
own land. Indian farmers were forced by Britishers to grow indigo in place of rice in their fields. It fetched a handsome amount of money for Britishers but farmers were having less food and less income. The English looted the poor women’s dignity. No female was safe in the British era. Tears roll down my eyes when I think of the physical and mental torture that our freedom fighters faced. Everyone knows how cruel general Dyer turned a meeting into a massacre. These wounds are deep-rooted in the hearts of every Indian which can never be healed.

iii Prejudice based on race and colour or any other reason causes profound hurt. Write about any one character from the chapters in First Flight who was subjected to such prejudice? Discuss the consequence of this prejudice for the character.

Answer: Prejudice based on race and colour or any other reason causes profound hurt to the person who is discriminated against. In ‘The hundred Dresses’ lesson from the ‘First Flight book’ one character named Wanda Petronski faced similar cases of partiality by her American classmates. She was bullied and made fun of. Wanda went through all the trouble because she was a Polish immigrant. Besides, she wore the same dress every day to school.
But, she never paid heed to their sarcastic comments. Rather she put her imagination of beautiful dresses on paper in the drawing competition and won the medal.

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