Life is an Exam Essay | Essay on Importance of Struggle in Life

What is life? How would you define life in the simplest words? I think life is an exam that poses a series of struggles in the form of examinations. If you ask me, “What is life?” My answer would be ” Life is a test series which you can’t afford to fail. Life skills can take you across. In this article, students get an idea of how to write an essay on Life.

Essay on Life for High School Students | Life is an Exam Essay | Paragraph on Life and Struggles

We pass through many levels in our life. Life is not as smooth as rose petals. It tests us in varied forms at every stage of our life. People who met during our life cycle keep on examining our talent and confidence. Actually, life is a series of examinations. In fact, each and every moment, every thought, and every act is tested.
Whatever we learn starting from our childhood, we need to pass an examination to be called a pro of that level. We need to do a lot of compromises in our life.
Broadly, we can categorize life struggles into 4 phases:

  1. Childhood
  2. teenage
  3. Adulthood
  4. Old age

Childhood Struggles

We start learning soon after we are brought into this world. We keep learning and growing. As a child goes through the stages of development he learns new things with the passing of each day. The next day he/she needs to cross some hurdles and move on to the next step. These hurdles are nothing but a type of examination we have to face in life.

To learn basic education and the etiquette of society kids are again forced to leave the comfort and cosiness of home. Before the age of 8 children lives in their own world of fantasy. They need to feel loved and pampered but parents and society keep on troubling them to teach life skills.

Adolescent (Teenage) Struggles in Life

This phase is full of energy and excitement. Besides educational pressure children go through various physical and emotional turmoils. They always feel that they are misunderstood. Life continues to create an exam-like situation for them. They need to score marks to prove their capabilities and understanding.

Adulthood Challenges in Life

This is the time to get good marks in competitive exams. We have to choose the right path for career development.

We need to strike a balance between our hearts and mind. Today, our youth are going through financial constraints, lacking of resources, peer pressure, and family restrictions. In other words, those who overcome all these curtailments will only enjoy life later.

Old Age Problems in Life

Ageing comes with many challenges. Chronic health conditions are a major challenge for the elderly.  Loss of independence is a potential part of the ageing process. Life is boiling you and you have to accept that you are no more important.

This is the struggle story of human life. Everybody has to go through it. Now, we come to know that life presents hardships in the form of diseases, fights, disagreements, bullying, insult, divorce, financial loss, demotion, distrust and sometimes death. Those who prepare for it and fight with it may win the game. But, many surrender for the fear of failure.

We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise if we have waited in the darkness. 

Sapna Reddy     

Conclusion: Essay on Life is an Exam

As we judge a student on the basis of his/her marks in school exams. Similarly, our talent and capabilities are judged on the basis of how well we score in the exam of life.

On reading the success stories of famous people we get to know that success and achievements are not easy to achieve. We can’t inherit success. One has to burn the midnight oil to taste it. To summarise, life is incomplete without a struggle. So, we must continue trying to excel in life’s exams.

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ProA professional in any field
EtiquettesPolite Behaviour in Society
HurdlesProblem, Difficulty
turmoilA state of great disturbance or confusion
CurtailmentsRestricting Something

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