Letter Writing MCQ Class 9-12 | MCQ of Formal and Informal Letters

These letter-writing MCQs can help you in your class 9-12 exams and in your competitive exams, too. These MCQs of letter writing are especially important for CBSE class 10 Term 1, 2021 exams. You need a thorough knowledge of the correct letter writing format, date format, sender’s address, receiver’s address, subject line, salutation, body part and concluding lines of a formal and informal letter. You can practice topic/question specific multiple-choice questions of formal letters here.

Format of a formal letter
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Letter Writing MCQ Class 9-12 | MCQ of Formal and Informal Letters | Letter to Editor Multiple Choice Questions |

1 What is letter writing?
(a) It is giving information through message writing.
(b) Any written statement can be called a letter.
c) It is a process where we communicate in writing.
d People write letters to improve their writing skills.

2. What is the purpose behind writing a letter to the editor?
(a) To inform the readers about a current issue.
(b) To express a request.
(c) To express one’s opinion on a current issue.
(d) To warn the editor about an issue.

3 How would you write a salutation in a formal letter?
a. Dear sir, Dear Editor
b Dear Sir/Madam
c To the Editor
d To whomsoever it may concern.

4 What are the concluding lines in a complaint letter?
a. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
b. We are eagerly waiting for your reply.
c. I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
d. I hope my letter would open your eyes regarding this matter.

5 Which of the following options would you choose while writing a sick leave application to the school principal?
a. Yours Faithfully/Yours Obediently
b. your well-wisher
c. Your’s Faithfully
d. Yours Truly

MCQ on Letter Writing | Letter MCQ for class 9-12 | Letter Writing MCQ

6 Which of the following are needed to write a formal letter?
a. Contact details of the receiver
b. Date
c. both a and b
d. None of the above

7 Why is ‘Subject’ written in a formal letter?
a. the subject line talks about the purpose of the letter.
b. it tells about the writer’s choices.
c. the subject line is not important in a formal letter.
d. Subject line makes the letter attractive.

8 Choose the correct format from the following.
(b) Your’s
(c) Yours
(d) Yours’

9 What is the name given to the address at the top of a formal letter?
a. Starting Lines
b. Receiver’s Address
c. Sender’s Address
d Heading

10 How to end the main body of a formal letter?
a By showing your love for the recipient.
b By discussing the weather in your city.
c By discussing the recipient’s health and well being.
d. By telling the recipient what he/she should be doing next.

11 If you don’t know the recipient’s name how would you address the recipient of the letter?
a. Dear Mr/Mrs
b. My dear
c. Hello
d. Dear Sir/Madam.

12 Where would you write the main part of a formal letter?
a. Opening part of the letter
b. Closing part of the letter.
c. After the salutation
d. In the body of the letter.

13 What type of letter leaves the desired effect on the recipient of the letter?
a. It should be grammatically correct.
b. It should be in the proper format.
c. It should be relevant and to the point.
d. All of these.

14 The tone of a complaint letter should be
a. angry
b. frustrated
c. polite
d. sympathetic

15 How would you address the recipient in an editorial letter?
a. The Editor
b. Editor
c. The Journalist
d. The Newspaper Writer

Term 1 Letter Writing MCQ With Answers for Class 10th 11th 12th

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