Letter to the Editor for senior citizens badly neglected

Q 8. You are Harsh/Harsha of D2, B Block, Pitampura, New Delhi. Some senior citizens living in your neighbourhood are badly neglected and humiliated by their own children. Such incidents have touched your heart.

You want to share your concern through a letter to the editor of a reputed national daily of Delhi in 100-120 words. Source: Educart Sample paper 2021

Prompts/ideas for answer-

  1. They were locked inside the house 🏠 by their son who went to office and there was gas leakage inside the house.
  2. The old man got a heart attack and aunty was shouting for help from the window.
  3. Mr. Gupta of adjoining flat complained of the torture on the senior citizens by their daughter in law. She forced them to perform all the household chores.

Be creative while writing your answer and adhere to the right format and word limit. Happy Writing

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