Letter to Editor to Reduce Student-Teacher Ratio

The education of children is the most important phase not only for the children but also for the nation they belong to. And if the standards are diluted just to earn more bucks, then the situation is really grave and needs an immediate solution.
You are a social worker. You are upset as some reputed schools are admitting as many as 50-60 students in a section just to make extra money. This inappropriate teacher-student ratio adversely affects the academic standards. Write a letter to the Editor, The Nation, Delhi highlighting this unfair practice. You are Rahul/Rashmi, 41/178, Hind Colony, Delhi. (120-150) words.

It is a sample letter for class 12 CBSE. However, students of 9-11 can also write this letter to the editor in 120-150 words to practise English writing.

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Letter to Editor to Reduce Student-Teacher Ratio in Classrooms | Editorial Letter |

Hindi Colony

May 7, 2021

The Editor
The Nation
Subject: Inappropriate Student-Teacher Ratio in Classrooms
Dear Sir/Madam
Through the column of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to draw attention towards the adverse effects on academic standards due to the inappropriate student-teacher ratio in classrooms. Children are the future of our country and to give them good quality education is the responsibility of the educational institutions. I have come across many reputed schools that are admitting more than the minimum number of students in a single classroom just for filling their pockets.
It can be easily imagined that it becomes difficult for a teacher to handle 50-60 students in a single class. Backbenchers take the undue benefit out of it by indulging in talking and other playful activities. The teacher as well as the students find it difficult to focus on their lessons.
The situation needs to be checked before it weakens our education system gravely. I shall be highly obliged if this article can find a space in your newspaper and can wake up the concerned authorities from their deep slumber and can bring about a change in the education of children.
Yours Truly
Rahul (a social worker)

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