Letter to Manager for Poor Quality of the Product

How would you write a Formal Letter complaining about the quality of a product? Given below is a complaint letter for classes 9-12. Read important tips for writing a formal letter. Try to learn from the students’ answers in the comment section.

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You are the manager of Hotel Green View, Chennai. You had ordered 50 kilograms of cheese for the hotel. You are not happy with the quality of the cheese that was sent. In about 100- 120 words, write a letter to the manager of Amaltas Dairy, Chennai complaining about the poor quality of the product.
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Important Points while writing a Formal Letter

Adopting the following tips while writing a formal letter can fetch you full marks in your paper.

  1. Write in the proper format
  2. Write in the passive voice
  3. Minimise the use of personal pronouns
  4. Add only important points
  5. Do not write General information, Be specific

How to Write a Complaint Letter | Formal Letter Example | Letter of Complaint | Official Letter Class 10

Hotel Green View,

14 March 2021

The Manager,
Amaltas Dairy,
Subject: Complaint Regarding Quality of Cheese
This is with reference to invoice number 14/50/GV containing the delivery of 50 Kg cheese for Hotel Green View. The batch of cheese received on 13 March did not meet the specifications of our order. The cheese packets were stinking. It had turned yellow and sour in taste.
Being a regular and trusted supplier it is your utmost duty to inspect the products before delivery. The hotel menu was forced to be changed due to the spoiled cheese delivered by Amaltas Dairy. Had it been not checked by our chef it could cause food poisoning among our customers. It was a matter of our goodwill and reputation.
I demand either a new batch of cheese be sent or the full amount of 50 kg of spoiled cheese be refunded. I hope you would not want to get involved in legal complications.

Yours truly,
Hotel Green View

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