Complaint Letter against people not wearing masks

You are Mayur/Mayura, a resident of Pigeon colony, Amrut Nagar, Allahabad. You have been noticing that many people are visiting the park near your house without wearing masks. Many children from your colony also play there in the evenings. Write a letter to the manager of the association regarding this and highlight the importance of continuing to adhere to the covid prevention rules and regulations. Suggest a few ways to spread awareness among the people visiting the park. Word limit- 150 words

How to Write a Complaint Letter against Society Members not Wearing Masks

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Complaint Letter Against Society Members not Wearing Face Masks

Pigeon Colony
Amrut Nagar

Date: 17 May 2021

The Manager
Residents Welfare Association
Pigeon Colony
Subject – Park Visitors Violating Covid Rules
Through this letter, I want to bring to your notice the negligent behaviour of people visiting the society park adjoining my house number 39. I have spotted many adults and children visiting the park regularly without wearing face masks.
We all know that the second wave of coronavirus is taking a toll on people’s lives at an alarming rate and a single carrier is capable of infecting the whole society. As responsible citizens, we all have to follow rules and regulations to counter this threat. Social distancing is the only key to tackling deadly covid 19. This disease can only be controlled by staying at home. Wearing masks and face shields is mandatory when stepping out.
I request the association members to take strict action against the defaulters. Moreover, the association should arrange for CCTV cameras to keep a check on people’s behaviour and actions. Residents must understand that this fight against coronavirus can be won by adopting self-discipline, controlled activities and rational behaviour.
Yours sincerely

Important Note: Word count for the above sample letter is 170 words. Students are advised to stick to the word limit of 150 words in their exams.

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